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Tuesday, August 25, 2009
Absolutely nothing is happening in my life.
Hmm maybe except that since my Mom's on holiday, I have the car all to myself! Eggcited! I drove to school today! And then to Holland V! Then back to NUS! Then to Parkway Parade! Then to Suntec! (This overwhelming enthusiasm is pathetic)! I take my accomplishments as they come!

Tried watching My Fair Lady for the umpteenth time again yesterday (my mom mouthed along with the dialogue...) but it got too boring after Audrey Hepburn finally learns to speak good Engrish.

School is... absolutely nondescript. I need to stop buying $2.50 curry puffs just because that's the cheapest edible thing to my lecture theatre.

soapz; says: (1:05:47 AM)
haha but no seriously like there'd be an empty seat beside me, but everyone rather sit on the floor than beside me HAHAHAHA

Hmm Southeast Asian Studies lecture tomorrow morning. Yes I do have friends (omg plural!) for that lecture.
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