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Wardrobe 2009

Friday, August 28, 2009
This was so long ago (end June) but I've nothing else to blog about anyway and I can make use of my new $25/yr Photobucket Pro...

Anyway Sonia and I did a show at Zouk for Christina's ex-art teacher who became a designer. The overall theme was animals and humans or humans one with nature or something? So we had feathers glued to our eyelashes and birds in our hair etc.
Another segment of the show had girls wearing ANIMAL HEADS, luckily ours was the most normal by comparison already...


Hehezxz Sonia Mao.

Haha that's me, I was first up.

Mao mao on the left. We all got pretty cool shoez to wear.


Second outfit.

It is very short... but I am wearing shorts.

With Eunice Fu, I think she was unlucky enough to get one of the animal heads!!!

The shuz I wore, the sexzxz. But it really hurt- like the rubber band marks stayed on my foot for ages afterwards.

"Laziness can be changed."
"I'll let you know."

Canteen food at NUS kind of sucks. They've everything you can find outside - tempura udon, fish&chips, thai food.. etc - at a quarter of the price, but at a fragment of the quality/taste. Seriously, so far I haven't really found anything actually worth its salt.
And does anyone know if there's a proper bubble tea shop in NUS? Not one of those student operated pre-packed-bubble-tea-kept-in-styrofoam-boxes kinds, but the real stuff.

Geography tutorial and Philosophy lecture later. I only just discovered I'm 2 chapters behind for Philosophy. Goodnight.
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