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Thursday, September 03, 2009
Sophie: So sad I'm going for lecture alone. I need to pee lor but got no one to look after my things.
Chloe: Call me using the 3G thing haha, then leave your phone in front of your things so I can watch it for you.
Sophie: HAHAHA imagine someone tries to steal, then a phone starts shouting at him.

Seriously just imagine like:
"AYE YOU! Yes you!!! I SEE YOU YOU KNOW! You better put back the things!!! If not I will.. umm... well umm... But anyway it will be very bad! You better watch out! OI! YOU! YOU COME BACK NOW! I MEAN IT!!!"

Rudy: I just got up.
Sophie: During the time you were sleeping, I tested the ice mocha at the canteen, learnt ex-president Reagan believes in aliens and discussed my friend's new ex-boyfriend (and the cute boy in lecture). Productivity at its peak!

Okay this is taken from, which is an mp3 sharing community (that must have been hard to guess). Anyway I just saw someone post this:
i'm looking for the following songs:
>> Do You Wanna Date My Avatar? - Felicia Day
>> If You Seek Amy (uncensored version) - Britney Spears
I always read that in this song you can understand the F word... but in my version that doesn't happen."

HAHAHAHAHA I'd have thought everyone had figured out by now that If You Seek Amy sounds like F U C K Me. Hahahahahaha uncensored version...

Resurrection of the personalized bathrobe!

"Today you are you; that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you."- Dr Seuss

By the way Year One is insanely stupid. It was mildly funny at times, but a very trashy omg-so-lame kind of funny. And those few funny moments were pretty much encapsulated in the trailers already. Like seriously I'd rather re-watch G.I. Joe or something equivalently average than have watched Year One.

Can't wait for G-Force to come out! I know it looks pretty stupid too but the guinea pigs are so cute! (Typical girly teeny bopper vibes here). Byeeeeee.
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