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Sunday, September 27, 2009
I just read the newspaper, Lindsay Lohan and Marc Jacobs were seen at the Fuel Party I was at?? Okay I don't even know what Marc Jacobs looks like, but what about Lindsay Lohan?! HOW COME I NEVER SEE ANYTHING. Zzz

Friday's Fuel Party was a huge waste of time.

The crowd consisted of mostly angmohs above 30 years old. Samantha Ronson SUCKED by the way. The beginning was not too bad, then it became some weird half RnB half house thingy, then just really average RnB/HipHop you couldn't even really get into.
Like it made me think that being Lindsay Lohan's ex-girlfriend was the most interesting thing about her.
(No honestly when you say "Samantha Ronson" to someone, they don't go "OH that really good dj?"; they just go "OH Lindsay Lohan's girlfriend").

At least we only went cause I got 4 free passes. The other section which had Darren Emerson was not too bad at least, but seriously Singapore organisers are just... Like I can't understand how they can bring in all these international acts and still throw such a mediocre party.
(Ticket prices probably didn't help. $60 for normal entry and $130 for VIP. Wrong target group maybe? Dunno.)

Anyway, turns out I might have seen Gwen Stefani and Will.I.Am there!!!! Like I noticed a blonde and this really familiar looking black dude just seated inches from where Samantha Ronson was spinning. I asked Chloe but she wasn't paying attention so I just dismissed it.
Today Addie messaged me and said she heard Gwen Stefani was there that night and I was like :o
Like omg I totally just missed that...

Sophie: The top I'm wearing... A mile away also can see. Ready Set Glo x1000

Samantha Ronson.

RANDOM couple that made me take a picture of them and then asked me to email it.

Sophie: "I don't care I'm not moving till she takes a photo with us with her thumbs up or something!!!"
We wanted to take a picture with Samantha Ronson, like just for the sake of it haha. But she was so unfriendly so we gave up.


By the way I totally laughed reading the news about the disastrous first day of F1 Rocks. I can't believe the sound system totally died; like flat out silence. That is seriously mortifying! What is up with the F1 events this year?!

Okay whatever that about sums up my very mediocre experience. Oh yeah but the beer at the Fuel Party was good. Pretty much the most interesting thing of the night included the hotdogs they sold ($6 but had good mustard), and driving home because Rudy turns beet red at the slightest drop of alcohol.

Bye. (Grouchy. I realise the new F21 skirt that I waited 2 months to receive does not look nice on me at all.)
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