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Sunday, September 13, 2009
Saturday was Karaoke night at Chinatown, $10 per person with free flow of drinks. Strangely enough (snort), the place is called The Ten Dollar Club.

Was quite disinclined to upload the photos at all but whatever.

Right now I shall focus my efforts on thinking up a Halloween costume. NUS deadlines can wait. I'm eating out of a can of corn.

I haven't bought anything in a while (besides 2 pairs of shoes) so that's a good thing. I started on the first of 5 sets of readings for Political Science, so that's another good thing. It would be a better thing if I had done all 5 readings already (aka kept up to date- especially since the first set is merely titled What is Political Science?), but we can't ask for miracles. Political Science isn't very exciting.

Intense concentration there Chris.

Me dancing along to Atomic Kitten! THE TIDE IS HIGH BUT I'M HOLDING ON. I'm gonna be your number one! NUMBER ONEEEEEEEEEEE etc etc. Explains the finger up.

There was a pregnant Atomic Kitten. WTF? NOT COOL.

I think that was Frances going something like "OMG I HAVE TO SING THIS SONG".

I was at Orchard Towers the other day for supper (Thai food). OMG. COULD NOT STOP STARING. The "girls" there were all either erm.. men, or really slutty. I didn't mean to be rude, but it was just so fascinating!

There, NOT wearing a bra is totally the norm. And we'd know this because cotton isn't exactly very thick, and some tops had extremely large armholes- but that woman (?) in question actually had a really hot body. They'd come out of the bathroom when still only halfway through pulling down their tops/dresses and the way they sat... ultimate zhaogeng fest.

Haha the guys were asked who they'd pick if they had to choose one, and most said they'd rather take the kopitiam auntie serving us, cause with them you don't even know if you're picking a guy or a girl...

Okay random topic, bye!
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