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September Weekends

Sunday, September 06, 2009
Nothing to do after school one Thursday so I met Sherry and Rachel in town. Considering Sherry's using a DSLR (drool.....), the photos still turn out crappy! Sheesh thank goodness for IPhoto's lighting and contrast thingy.

We went to the supposedly High-Class/Luxury Burger King at Ion Orchard, er the only difference is that the decor is black and gold.

Waddup with the Bambi eyes Sherry!!!

Rachel cute huh.

Doing an lj pose! You'll see this a lot on livejournals haha. Fringe displayed in full glory, check. Nondescript wall background, check. Dark lighting, check.

Sherry: "I've seen you wear this dress before". *disdain disdain disdain* Sob.

Randoms to Butter Factory because Overeasy was packed. Not my idea. Asahi mini cans and Cherry Brandy. Random fun (?) fact- I can tie a knot on a cherry stalk with my tongue. Survived 3 hours in trance/house/techno/? without complaining, good job to me.

Watched G-Force in 3D. Seeing the 3D version (cough $13 cough cough) was totally Rudy's suggestion. The boys fell asleep during the show hahaha. Storyline was pretty dumb- the MOLE is the evil mastermind behind world domination, posing behind the faceless facade of a Chinese mogul. Wtf? But it was pretty cute! Like the hamster was making snow-angels in its sawdust! And I actually heard many people laughing... Everyone came out wanting to buy a mouse/hamster/guinea pig/member of rodent family awwwwww.

Down to Zouk for me and Butter Factory for Rudy. I haven't been into Phuture since 11th July. Whereas Chloe has been going every week haha ahem.

Yuck weird eyes.

Good job with the forced abs Jude!

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