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Monday, September 21, 2009


Cat house!

This was from an actual news report, and the caption was "Why's my lunch eating my lunch?" Anyway, the keeper threw in the food to the leopard for feeding, and suddenly this little rat/mouse scurried out and starting eating it.

And all the leopard did was look puzzled (if a leopard could look puzzled I'm sure this one would be looking puzzled) and sniff the rat/mouse. And continued to stare in amazement at that tiny thingamajig brazenly eating up his lunch haha.

Too kewl for chew.


Hehezxz ^.^


I like this one! Sibei chill.

Anyway I actually have photos to blog cause we went to Zouk on Saturday and Jude decided we were all very hot that day and hence had to take lots of photos -_-. And Jeannie got hilariously high- she started singing hymns ("seeking you as precious jewel... you are my all in all" etc) and we all joined in sitting at Wine Bar.
BUT she is inefficiency personified. So I'm off to play Farmville.

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