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Saturday, September 19, 2009
The other day I dreamt of a natural disaster. Like the BOOM!-earth-cracks kind.

Itsy-bitsy things I'm always aiming to do like finally clear my desk, stick back all the stuff on my walls (photos) and try to finish my room make-over! And like use the stupid iron-on studs I bought online that are so tiny in real life ): and send stuff for alteration, and alter the rest myself (I actually know how to use a sewing machine- sooooo domesticated).

I want fairy lights and butterflies for my room! So girly I know. And a new quilt cover. And that kitty kat sequin mask from Accessorize that is so useless but pretty and only $8 (?) but I was in one of my save-money-moods so I restrained myself and aimed to make my own mask instead but I'm never that productive.

Want to paint my nails too, never been the paint-nails-regularly kind of girl but it feels nice to do something girly. This post sounds so fluffy overall, but I'm bored of thinking about how to answer my philosophy essay on cosmopolitanism- whether we can keep "our personal duties towards those close to us from conflicting with our impersonal duties to all our fellow human beings?" 4 or 5 pages on that, and it's only the draft. Zzz.

P.S. Yeah Rudy's on a KFC commercial hahahahahahahaaaahaahaaahaaaa.
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