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Monday, October 26, 2009
Finally finished my 8-page essay for Southeast Asian Studies! Had to submit it to Turnitin (this thingamajig that checks the Internet for how much you've copied off it), was so worried I might wind up with like 30% copied or worse. I mean out of a 2000+ words, the odds do seem pretty high... BUT anyway mine only had 16% woohoo. Time to print it out!

Butter Factory on Friday
Ronald's birthdayyyyyy. Usually Friday is way emptier than Saturday, both at Butter and Zouk, but I don't know why it was pretty full this time.

6 bottles of Chivas or something, but being the designated driver (responsibility=me) I didn't have any. Most of the boys were just done with BMT, so it was hilarious when one got drunk and started shouting things like "permission to recover sir!" and trying to "march" in his drunken stupor hahaha.

So many bald heads hohoho.


Brandon, Ron and Jon.

Hohoho (new favourite word).


Awww what a cute picture.

Anyway I actually forgot to bring my camera so these are all ripped off Facebook. Should I buy a new camera? Since mine's so spoilt. Might just go for some $200+ camera instead of blowing another $500+ like for mine -_- since obviously it didn't do me much good...

2 more assignments due this week! Go me!
Sitting here contemplating Halloween. Rather disinclined to spend $80 renting a costume and I actually visited the largest costume shop in Singapore, which was really HUGE, but the stuff didn't look very clean... Oh well at most I'll just brandish one of my random miscellaneous items like the Minnie Mouse ears or the cat mask.

P.S. Rudy installed the new Windows 7 and lost everything because it turns out a lot of his drivers aren't compatible (although he just bought his laptop this year). Macintosh ftw!
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