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Happy Birthday Love!

Monday, October 05, 2009
Saturday (3rd Oct) was Rudy's birthday, he turns 22.

Friday we had to go to his grand-aunt's surprise 70th birthday, total headache with all the terms to call the elders.
His grandmother is like the same age as my youngest aunt! His great-grandmother is about the same age as my grandmother (95 this year I think). My family is like one whole generation older haha.

Went down to Butter Factory:

Wah cutesy with the specs; the retard has an eye infection haha.

Check out the state of the boyfriend in the background.

And hereafter. Alcohol tolerance like... Hahaha turns beet red. Guess who was the designated driver for the night? Me of course.

HILARIOUS. Ron's pants zip split and he spent ages trying to fix it. He wound up all emo-ish and went home to change and came back again hahaha.

Emo(egg) boy.

Drove down to Nana (the old club Momo) went Butter Factory closed. Thai disco... Interesting... Great chicken wings though.

Dinner with his parents at Sushi Tei cause he likes sashimi and what not.

Left my instax camera behind!!! :o but thank goodness for technology, cause they actually called Rudy's dad; traced from the credit card? AWESOMEZ.

Cafe Del Mar:

Genius (Matthew) said he was gonna take a nice close-up shot for us, and wound up with 3/4 of Rudy's face instead -_- of course RUDY'S not unhappy about that at all.
(Although for me at $1++ per photo I'd better get my face like bloody smack center full-frontal edge-to-edge in each polaroid.)

Wah cute.

Impromptu adjournment to Butter Factory, again. I drove, again.
Totally out of place with our beach get-up but oh well.
Awkward x1000. Sigh.
Tehping after!

I've school later! Political Science tutorial. Hmmm what to wear...

P.S. Seriously need a new camera. And a rabbit. And a dog.
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