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NPNF 2009

Tuesday, October 13, 2009
Sophie: "Are you coming home soon?"
Mother: "No still in the office, why?"
Sophie: "Thought can borrow the car. Never mind."
Sophie: "Hi Uncle. Takashimaya please."
Mother: "Are you talking to me?"
Sophie: "You uncle meh?"

Cassandra: "I'm tired and not feeling well. I'll date you girls next week instead."
Sophie: "Next week I'll be tired and not feeling well."
Cassandra: "I don't care. Anyway make sure you criticize the contestants for me."

New Paper New Face Finals this year was pretty boring. It ended really early (8.45pm), lasting only about an hour? All the previous years including mine had ended around 10pm.

It was really obvious who the winner was gonna be. Every year the trend has so far always been that the winner is 1.7m or above, and mix-blood in some way or another- be it like the Malay-Arab kind, or the De Souza De Something Eurasian kinds, or the half-half like mine.
Not saying that mix-bloods are better or anything, but that's just what I noticed anyway. I guess it's easier to look different?

Anyway the winner (Victoria Bradbury) was really tall and skinny and pretty! She walked well, was the tallest contestant and had lots of confidence like the AtTituDe and whatever haha. So yeah I think she really deserved to win.

K some of the photos are mine, and some are obviously ripped off DSLR users on Facebook. Reached slightly after the show had started so I got lousy seats :(

Judges. I only know that's Junita Simon with the short hair.

The finals always have this group of male dancers... serious sensationalism. Because honestly no matter how good your technique or whatever is, seeing men prance around in tights doing body rolls and splits is just gross.


Free MAC stuff in the goodie bag! One lipgloss and one eyeshadow plus a voucher. Happiness $_$ I managed to nab another bag before I left haha.



Kumar! The highlight of the show! I always thought he was kind of gross with the whole in-your-face thing but he was hilarious.

After the show:
Tabatha, Pooja, Emiko and I.

One of the show coordinators was telling us they might bring back old New Face girls for Takashimaya's 20th Anniversary Show (every year 5 finalists are chosen for the Takashimaya show).
And we were all like :o omg that's in 4 years (a.k.a it's Takashimaya's 16th anniversary this year). I'll be 23, it's just so weird to think of me then! Felt so insanely old.

P.S. By the way I keep getting the Old New Face kind of jokes haha seriously... Like "you're an Old Face".
P.P.S. My camera is SO SPOILT; it keeps vibrating! Like literally if you put it on the table it moves and goes bzz bzz. $$$!
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