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Monday, October 12, 2009
Omg can't wait to be done with my Geography project, I am so sick of sitting at Starbucks and looking for sockets to charge our laptops.

Next major project would be my South East Asian one. I HAVE NO TOPIC YET.
It can be ANYTHING, as long as it is related to SEA.

I've to write either an 8-page essay, or do a non-essay project (e.g. scrapbook) accompanied by a 5-page write-up.

I'm leaning more towards the scrapbook+5 pages one, but can't think of a suitable topic ): My friends are doing things like child prostitution in SEA, obviously I can't do a scrapbook regarding something like that...

It doesn't have to be so serious, it could be stuff like how we all view countries in SEA differently e.g. Thailand=Trannies but that was mentioned in lecture already (biased personal perceptions) so yeah.

Ideas plzxzxz!!
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