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Since everyone likes to know about the costume shop...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
I went to the No.1 Costume Costume shop for my Geography project on globalisation, because my group decided to research Halloween in Singapore (and its link to globalisation; e.g. we know about it mainly through the media etc..). So here were some photos we took as proof of fieldwork hohoho:

Sorry I looked very unglam so you get a stupid star from Photobucket's stock. Do you know how many retarded stickers they have?! Nonsense like fake moustaches, "Sexy", lipstick marks.. etc. I mean didn't everyone outgrow that kind of crap when they were like, 6 years old or something?

LOOK! SO MANY COSTUMES CRAMMED INTO ONE RACK. And there are TONS of these racks!!! They're all organised according to category, so I guess this was the jungle/animal print one. (I know I'm supposed to make some lame Ris Low joke here but no thanks. By the way watch her RazorTv video- she is a moron. More on her later.)

Hahahaha animal heads.

This doesn't show anything at all but it was for my project.

Anyway the shop deals with random stuff the rest of the year like productions and events. Like remember how in primary/secondary school you'd have to sit through 30mins of a cow/bear/whatever prancing about on stage trying to teach you about dental hygiene, charity, obedience or some other thing? Yeah.

The shop is 7 years old (I know all this because we interviewed the Assistant Manager) so my only grouse is that... I wonder how much of the costumes they've washed/properly maintained in those 7 years... Because some of it looks kind of gross and about to fall apart.

It costs anywhere from $50-$200 for a 3 day rental of a costume, depending on how elaborate it is. Haha we saw one costume that was a giant hat. As in basically it was a huge top hat, with holes for the arms. Literally, a giant hat. Hahahaha.
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