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Thursday, October 08, 2009
"So ____ is your cousin right?"
"Then what about her brother? Your cousin too?"

HAHA WTF. You tell me which idiot thinks you can be cousins with one sibling but not the other?!

Was at Holland the other day buying bubble tea (mango green tea with jelly). It came in an orange rimmed cup so I picked up an orange straw and contemplated:

"What do you think? Is it too much orange?"

O.m.g the look on Rudy's face was priceless. The shock, and the barely perceptible twitch on his face indicating the dilemma on whether to curse and call me moron, or laugh. Hilarious.

By the way I settled for a green straw. It really was too much orange.

Met Sherry on Wednesday at Chinatown.
I had nothing to do while waiting for her so I randomly wandered into a hair salon and asked for a wash and trim (although I'd washed my hair like just 2 hours before). The girl was a huge n00b, she chopped at my layered hair )': so now it's really short and fat at the sides. But I guess I don't really care; I mean it's just hair, it'll grow anyway. If I cared that much I wouldn't entrust my hair to a $15-hair-cut at some dodgy Chinese shop.

Anyway after that she blow-dried it into some I-just-permed-my-hair ahlian curly thingy. And I look really weird in the pictures! Like, tired. Yes let's blame it on that.

Dumplings!! Yummy.

Chao ahlian curly hair.

Glaring at me because I'm a slow eater.

$2 hair ribbonzx! Sherry's sekret stash, she came and bought TWENTY the previous time. Insane. The idiot has 100 over hairbands alone, not even counting clips and stuff.

Feather handband she bought. I got one too but slimmer.

Some stuff I bought, like the shades and the.. YES STUDDED BAG. Been looking all over for a studded bag but they were either insanely priced ($90+ for some FEP thing) or these long, rectangular, inflexible shapes that I saw on blogshops everywhere.

It's supposed to be a cafe with very famous Pearl Milk Tea. It was just alright in the end? Sadness disappointed downfall why do we have to face hardship at such a young age.
Pearl to milk tea ratio not good (getting scientific). Way too many pearls.

She wanted a photo with the cafe -_-

Haha so cute you can see my eyeroll cause Sherry wanted me to take a picture too.
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