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Saturday, October 17, 2009
Woohoo I just started reading a new Jodi Picoult book that I bought off sgselltrade at $11 and it's in really good condition, happy!

Anyway I got my Philosophy draft back, I got a B+. Apparently in NUS anything below a B is quite bad but I'm still quite relieved with my B+! First grade from university! I've one assignment due next week and 3 the following week ugh.

Been playing a lot of mahjong recently, which equals to seeing ___'s fat tummy -_- and tons of Pokka Ice Lemon Tea (I hate the Seasons one).
Watched (500) Days of Summer the other day, it was a good film. It ended on him meeting a new girl called Autumn, so that was kinda er... "Is there gonna be a (500) Days of Autumn?!" (I realise I just spoilt the ending for anyone hoping he got back together with Summer -who is a fbitch-, but nyah nyah harharharharhar)

"Eh play mahjong leh."
"Don't want, I'm watching America's Next Top Model."
"Don't bother, I tell you who wins; it's _____"

Hahahaha vindictive...

Sigh bored ): I feel like I haven't had fun in ages. It's like every day I do nothing but kill time.
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