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Monday, November 30, 2009
Sometimes I wonder whether we have any right to worry about things like boyfriends, clothes, curfews, boredom.. etc (btw I know of some girls who actually cry because they want a Chanel so badly), when there are girls out there thinking about the father who raped them, the old man they have to marry, the child they have to raise alone, the money they have to make for their family, the hunger and pain they feel, the body they have to sell the survive... The list goes on and on.

It's easy to know about things like that. It's not that hard to recognise that you have everything, but hardest of all to tell yourself that maybe, you should give up some of what you have so that they can have a little bit more.

At moments like these you hate yourself for being so selfish, because deep down you KNOW you could do something if you wanted to. If you cared enough, you would go out of your way to help where you can. The horrible part is realising that maybe, you just don't care enough to give up what you have. And that's the fact you try to hide from yourself.

You convince yourself that there are people richer than you, more able than you, more wasteful than you, and all round more guilty than you. You tell yourself that if you let go of all that, you'd fall behind, because you're currently the only one letting go. So you close the window, flip the channel, turn a page; and convince yourself life is just unfair that way. And it is, because you were born lucky.


Saturday, November 28, 2009
Hello. My Geography notes are right below my nose (I can see them out of the corner/bottom/whatever of my eye) but I decided instead that it would be more imperative to create a Twitter account for myself. I don't even intend to Twitter yet/at all (if I get a Blackberry), but I don't want to end up with twitter/sophie_gal_90 or something equally disgusting.
But I guess there aren't that many Sophie Willocqs, or they think they are above Twitter (is my life really that interesting anyway?). Look! A confirmation email from Twitter!

I will be eating prata in 10 minutes because I'm cool like that. (Prata House is da new hangoutz yo). Sometimes there are a lot more personal/bitchy/bitter things I'd like to post but with close to a 1000 people reading my blog daily... it gets difficult. However, writing aforementioned thingamajigs in my private diary tends to lose its appeal when you're the only one reading it. I know. Life is hard that way. Aww.

P.S. I always wonder who all the people reading my blog are. Where do you guys come from anyway? I mean I never knew, till one day I put up a statcounter thingy and BAM it said 600 views and I was like o.O waazut? Then it just kept climbing; guess most people had nothing to do after A-Levels either.
But it's just like how I'm one of the 20/30/40k people reading Xiaxue's blog and refreshing Facebook to see if there are new status updates (sad but true)... Life's always more interesting like that...

my hamster doesn't like me

Friday, November 27, 2009

So true. I don't know about velcro shoes, but Velcro Sandals are the Most Repulsive Shoes ever (Crocs are fighting very hard for this position though). There should be a law stating Crocs & Velcro Sandals are limited to kids 5 years old and below, and possibly everyone over 60.

That aside, New Moon was only slightly less stupid than the first Twilight movie; and that's because they haven't managed to come up with a line lousier than "You're my personal brand of heroin" from the first film.

4 papers down, 1 more to go (Monday- Geography).

Nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing nothing.

Why is it only Tuesday.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009
Sophie: "I electrocuted my ass the other day. I sat on the Mac charger and suddenly felt a jolt cause it was connected to the socket which was switched on."

Rebecca: "Eh look at the guinea pig! So cute!"
Erika&Sophie: "It's a rabbit."
Rebecca: "Oh. Gotcha!"
Nice try.

Seriously Kristen Stewart?! That is a horrible dress (who wants to see your panties anyway- at least not like that), and what's up with the black hair? Robert Pattinson looks terrible too. Ewww.


"Gus you have to promise not to scold the referees anymore"

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Birthday partaaaayyy for Augustus Set (a.k.a Gus) yesterday. Hadn't seen most of them from SAJC for ages!

Pakata, Chloe, Golden Boot x2 (Kuoloon), Jeannie.

Hehezxz you can't really see but I'm wearing 2 butterfly rings on my left hand cause I thought it would be funny.

Yijie, Jeannie and I.

Darrell, Chloe, Shaun & Samuel (polar bear!).

Gus trying to shush everyone so that he could give his retarded birthday speech haha.

Lamp as a "microphone".

Gus: "Hi guys I know it's been a while since we all got together so thanks everyone for coming. When I'm high I slang, so sorry for that. Anyway all I want is that everyone has fun tonight and it'll be a happy birthday."

Awwww. But he really did slang haha. Sounded just like when he first came from US.

Impending cake smash looming from the left...


Haha omg...

Went down to Zouk after for Benny Benassi. By the way, saw way too many Benny Benassi related jokes on Facebook prior to that- "gonna get some SATISFACTION tonight!" etc etc.
For those who don't know, Benny Benassi has a very popular song titled Satisfaction.

Anyway Zouk was insanely crowded cause yeah, it was Benny Benassi playing at Zouk side. Trying to walk in: "Think we can get through?" "No". Went to Phuture instead.

Soooo rowdy.

(My camera seriously takes better shots than Jeannie's although hers is a newer Sony Cybershot).

Before going into Phuture:

Err Jesse took his shirt off halfway and then put it back on the wrong way.

After Phuture:

Boys so unglam when they drink! "Hi we wanna hang with you all cause you're the sober bunch. Exclusive circle here." Managed to snag a cab ride to Zouk with the sober ones haha. The falling-all-over ones stumbled there later.

Philosophy exam before that (yes on a Saturday morning) was... hard to say. By the way it consisted of 2hours for 20 MCQs, and ALevel exams are usually 1hour for 40 MCQ.
That's cause for the Philosophy questions you're like...
"Err.. I think it's erm.. C. But E sounds a lot like C. And so does B too! Omg what do the answers mean? What do the questions even mean?!"

Examples of answers:

A) Is necessary and sufficient for being a just man
B) Is necessary but not sufficient for being a just man
C) Is sufficient but not necessary for being a just man
D) Is neither necessary nor sufficient for being a just man
E) Both A and D

A) does not rule out the possibility of unjust factions. But it should.
B) does not rule out the possibility of just factions. But it should.
C) rules out the possibility of unjust factions. But it shouldn't.
D) rules out the possibility of just factions. But it shouldn't.
E) Both A and B.

Anyway for Philosophy most of the time it's not that you can't do a question. It's more than you can do it, but it turns out you're wrong anyway. Hohoho.

Genese & Society exam tomorrow!


Friday, November 20, 2009
Hi has everyone heard of Hotel 626? It's like this creepy online game where you navigate through a haunted hotel! There are different stages and some are really cool, like having to "sing" to a ghost girl and if you don't do it right she sits up suddenly and snarls at you.
Not for the faint-hearted (not mentioning names).

The whole thing is by Doritos or something (I see no link between horror and potato chips either but whatever). Anyway, the main point of all this is that now there's Asylum626!

Hotel corridor in the first part of Hotel626. Got bored to continue cause I've done the stages a few times before.


Basically in Asylum626 you kind of watch a short horror show from the viewpoint of the victim.. Too bad there's no games/stages involved, just a short clip that's pretty creepy.

By the way you can let the website have access to your webcam & microphone etc, it's okay.

P.S. You can only access the website from 6pm to 6am, but if you're really impatient (and chicken), you can just change your computer's clock.
P.P.S. This is not an advertorial or anything. I'm in school studying and I'm bored.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Hi sorry the lack of updates, because I have really been doing nothing at all!

Let's see, Friday I studied at Junction8 (egg-citing, snort) and watched 2012 at night. I thought 2012 was awesome! It was really exciting and I couldn't sleep that night because I kept thinking about it. In a way it was pretty scary because you really never know with natural disasters? They could strike anytime and then what? I mean I take Geography, so I know the odds and etc, but still, it made me wonder a bit. Okay getting nerdy.

Saturday I drifted in and out of sleep (must be that sleep debt Erika keeps talking about). I've been catching up on sleep recently so that's good. At night we went to Butter Factory and I actually sat at Starbucks and studied. I wasn't dressed for paRtAyyIng (spag top, shorts & slippers) and would have felt guilty anyway so I headed to the little wooden tables while everyone else went in.

Sunday was the same as usual. Drove home at night and it was depressing because the roads were so empty.

Monday I studied at Junction8 again, it was more productive yay. I walked home and got lost so it took me a good 40 minutes but it felt okay. I made Campbell's mushroom soup and ate that with pasta, and finished James Frey's A Million Little Pieces.

That was utterly depressing again, especially when I flipped to the back and suddenly realised it was a non-fiction book. I mean you always knew about horrors in society like rape and child prostitution and drugs and beatings and jails and abuse and discrimination and fear and pain and terror and fear and pain and terror and fear and pain and terror and shame and self-hatred. But holding a real-life account of it in your hands makes it so much more scary and saddening.

Other than that I've been laughing a fair bit, because every time I meet Erika (whom I've known since Primary 4 and is hence my oldest still-in-contact-friend) I come up with the most retarded bullshit imaginable. "Do you LISTEN to yourself sometimes Sophie?!"
Laughter is good. Laughing is good.

This is cute:

This is not:

Seriously Keira Knightly?! Don't they say If You Got It, Flaunt It? (This may originally be with respect to some form of talent or another. I wouldn't know. I am not very talented.)

I am obviously no advocate of bosom-y-ness because boys' brains seem to stop functioning at the slightest inkling of them (and because I am not very bosom-y), but really, spare us!!!
If she ever agreed to go for a boob job (I honestly couldn't care less whether she did or not and whether you think plastic surgery is okay or not) she'd be the best spokesperson EVER.

Random late-night rambling. Bye!

P.S. By the way, does ANY girl know of a boy who doesn't think Megan Fox is the hottest thing alive (besides Angelina Jolie)? Most of us girls didn't mind her and thought she was hot too, till she became insanely overrated and over-sexualised. Transfomers 2 basically consisted of zoom-ins into her bouncing cleavage and always-perfect lipgloss. You could give all the arguments possible to a boy; stuff like She Had Plastic Surgery or even She Killed Your Grandma and all they can do is say "But she's fucking hot!". Haha boys.......

Yeah I know. So not helping my cause. Guess I can sit here and stare at it and wish I looked like that! Isn't that what all our generation is about now? :o

tick tock

Thursday, November 12, 2009
It's 9.45am and I'm in school. It is far too early to have to be awake.

My face looks kind of fat huh? Sob guess this is how bad I look every day in school.

Oh I watched Coraline in 3D the other day, it was not too bad. The 3D part was a huge waste of money though ($13) cause there were hardly any 3D effects. The animation is about a girl who discovers a parallel universe and is based on the book by Neil Gaiman (which I never read) and overall the movie is kind of artsy creepy. I mean although it seems like a kid's show, if little kids watched it they might come out crying or something.

Anyway, Cat Power is coming to Singapore! I mean I know everyone else is name-dropping that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are coming and although I have some of their songs, I probably wouldn't go for their concert. $$$ you know!

Bye bye, I was just blogging to kill time till my lecture at 10am. I end school at 8.30pm today ): I've make-up tutorial at 4pm and Political Science crash course (haha desperate times call for desperate measures) by Year 4 Students at 6.30pm.

P.S. Going to eat McDonald's for lunch hahaha I wanna win one of the Monopoly prizes! I had Macs both lunch and dinner on Monday, really being dedicated.
So far I've won 2 apple pies, 1 filet-o-fish, 1 snack wrap, 1 small fries, 1 Esso petrol discount and 1 Toys R Us discount. Haha that's just to show how much McDonalds I'm actually buying.

It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

Sunday, November 08, 2009
Hi, I know the pictures are bigger today but I am so lazy to resize 46 photos. Which is already down from the actual 80 from the night -_- You'd figure that with +boys and -girls (as compared to pre-boyfriend days hohoho) photo count should be drastically reduced (have you seen how 2 girls and a camera in the most boring locality can wind up with 100 photos? LIKE SERIOUSLY?!)...

Anyway so long post ahead of people whom most of you don't know and thus mean nothing to you (I myself probably included- sad face-)... but who were at Butter Factory last night to celebrate Charis' birthday; the girl who came up with the killer line: "Now that you're my stead, you have to do what I tell you" hahahaha.

Charis and her STEAD haha.

Err me and my stead lor.

Very glam.. Casualty #1.



Hohoho awesome face on my sTeaD there..

Bunny hop hop! Random ears taken from another random party-goer. Which are now safely on my desk at home yay!

By the way there was some hen party that night too, like 10 girls/women disembarked from a van that was blasting Lady Gaga's Poker Face, with the interior all decked out in furry pink, glitter and... a giant penis...
Like they started dancing in the van itself (proof of height), and then came straight up to us cause we were the nearest and said, "$2 to kiss the bride!"

Haha one of our friends actually paid but no one wanted to kiss the bride... Bye bye money $_$. (But btw once he paid the $2, it was suddenly upped to $10. Tsk so mercenary!)

Yeah I know, getting bored of this shot too haha.

Oh and by the way I fell down last night! Not because I was high or anything, just... clumsy ): After Butter Factory we went to Lau Par Sat (I had black carrot cake; don't buy it) and leaving to go home I suddenly tripped on the curb.
So pain lor ow!!

I tripped on my left foot so I fell on the right side. Was scared to rinse it after but brave is me because I did! :o

I started craving for Timbre's pizza on Friday night. Since then I've had Pepper Lunch's Prawn Carbonara Pasta (not bad), Big O's breaded cheesesticks ($8.60 excluding taxes for 5 sticks and gross sauce), Lau Par Sat carrot cake and German sausages. Not even close to a pizza. I'm sorry my culinary litany is boring. Bye!