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It's My Party & I'll Cry If I Want To

Sunday, November 08, 2009
Hi, I know the pictures are bigger today but I am so lazy to resize 46 photos. Which is already down from the actual 80 from the night -_- You'd figure that with +boys and -girls (as compared to pre-boyfriend days hohoho) photo count should be drastically reduced (have you seen how 2 girls and a camera in the most boring locality can wind up with 100 photos? LIKE SERIOUSLY?!)...

Anyway so long post ahead of people whom most of you don't know and thus mean nothing to you (I myself probably included- sad face-)... but who were at Butter Factory last night to celebrate Charis' birthday; the girl who came up with the killer line: "Now that you're my stead, you have to do what I tell you" hahahaha.

Charis and her STEAD haha.

Err me and my stead lor.

Very glam.. Casualty #1.



Hohoho awesome face on my sTeaD there..

Bunny hop hop! Random ears taken from another random party-goer. Which are now safely on my desk at home yay!

By the way there was some hen party that night too, like 10 girls/women disembarked from a van that was blasting Lady Gaga's Poker Face, with the interior all decked out in furry pink, glitter and... a giant penis...
Like they started dancing in the van itself (proof of height), and then came straight up to us cause we were the nearest and said, "$2 to kiss the bride!"

Haha one of our friends actually paid but no one wanted to kiss the bride... Bye bye money $_$. (But btw once he paid the $2, it was suddenly upped to $10. Tsk so mercenary!)

Yeah I know, getting bored of this shot too haha.

Oh and by the way I fell down last night! Not because I was high or anything, just... clumsy ): After Butter Factory we went to Lau Par Sat (I had black carrot cake; don't buy it) and leaving to go home I suddenly tripped on the curb.
So pain lor ow!!

I tripped on my left foot so I fell on the right side. Was scared to rinse it after but brave is me because I did! :o

I started craving for Timbre's pizza on Friday night. Since then I've had Pepper Lunch's Prawn Carbonara Pasta (not bad), Big O's breaded cheesesticks ($8.60 excluding taxes for 5 sticks and gross sauce), Lau Par Sat carrot cake and German sausages. Not even close to a pizza. I'm sorry my culinary litany is boring. Bye!
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