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Tuesday, November 03, 2009
I always did well enough to be on the right side of the education system. I'm the kid that rides on the bus every day and does the stupid New South Wales tests, gets Distinction for some and Participation for others. I'll grow up, work in a job doing things I couldn't care less about but pay the bills, contribute to the economy and be taxed. I'll marry a university graduate and have kids; one boy and one girl because we should Stop At 2. I'll work till the house has finally been fully paid for and the kids, who will be university graduates, will be old enough to be on their own. If I fall ill, I'll have Medisave. If I get into a car accident, I'll have insurance. I can retire because I'll have CPF. I would have been on the right side my entire life.

So what?

Agreement with Joshua Mok to wear our Obama t-shirts to church on Sunday.

Mother: "His is nicer."
Sophie: "Yeah but his is like some stupid shop-produced design. Mine is like for wearing to rallies."
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