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"Gus you have to promise not to scold the referees anymore"

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Birthday partaaaayyy for Augustus Set (a.k.a Gus) yesterday. Hadn't seen most of them from SAJC for ages!

Pakata, Chloe, Golden Boot x2 (Kuoloon), Jeannie.

Hehezxz you can't really see but I'm wearing 2 butterfly rings on my left hand cause I thought it would be funny.

Yijie, Jeannie and I.

Darrell, Chloe, Shaun & Samuel (polar bear!).

Gus trying to shush everyone so that he could give his retarded birthday speech haha.

Lamp as a "microphone".

Gus: "Hi guys I know it's been a while since we all got together so thanks everyone for coming. When I'm high I slang, so sorry for that. Anyway all I want is that everyone has fun tonight and it'll be a happy birthday."

Awwww. But he really did slang haha. Sounded just like when he first came from US.

Impending cake smash looming from the left...


Haha omg...

Went down to Zouk after for Benny Benassi. By the way, saw way too many Benny Benassi related jokes on Facebook prior to that- "gonna get some SATISFACTION tonight!" etc etc.
For those who don't know, Benny Benassi has a very popular song titled Satisfaction.

Anyway Zouk was insanely crowded cause yeah, it was Benny Benassi playing at Zouk side. Trying to walk in: "Think we can get through?" "No". Went to Phuture instead.

Soooo rowdy.

(My camera seriously takes better shots than Jeannie's although hers is a newer Sony Cybershot).

Before going into Phuture:

Err Jesse took his shirt off halfway and then put it back on the wrong way.

After Phuture:

Boys so unglam when they drink! "Hi we wanna hang with you all cause you're the sober bunch. Exclusive circle here." Managed to snag a cab ride to Zouk with the sober ones haha. The falling-all-over ones stumbled there later.

Philosophy exam before that (yes on a Saturday morning) was... hard to say. By the way it consisted of 2hours for 20 MCQs, and ALevel exams are usually 1hour for 40 MCQ.
That's cause for the Philosophy questions you're like...
"Err.. I think it's erm.. C. But E sounds a lot like C. And so does B too! Omg what do the answers mean? What do the questions even mean?!"

Examples of answers:

A) Is necessary and sufficient for being a just man
B) Is necessary but not sufficient for being a just man
C) Is sufficient but not necessary for being a just man
D) Is neither necessary nor sufficient for being a just man
E) Both A and D

A) does not rule out the possibility of unjust factions. But it should.
B) does not rule out the possibility of just factions. But it should.
C) rules out the possibility of unjust factions. But it shouldn't.
D) rules out the possibility of just factions. But it shouldn't.
E) Both A and B.

Anyway for Philosophy most of the time it's not that you can't do a question. It's more than you can do it, but it turns out you're wrong anyway. Hohoho.

Genese & Society exam tomorrow!
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