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Saturday, November 28, 2009
Hello. My Geography notes are right below my nose (I can see them out of the corner/bottom/whatever of my eye) but I decided instead that it would be more imperative to create a Twitter account for myself. I don't even intend to Twitter yet/at all (if I get a Blackberry), but I don't want to end up with twitter/sophie_gal_90 or something equally disgusting.
But I guess there aren't that many Sophie Willocqs, or they think they are above Twitter (is my life really that interesting anyway?). Look! A confirmation email from Twitter!

I will be eating prata in 10 minutes because I'm cool like that. (Prata House is da new hangoutz yo). Sometimes there are a lot more personal/bitchy/bitter things I'd like to post but with close to a 1000 people reading my blog daily... it gets difficult. However, writing aforementioned thingamajigs in my private diary tends to lose its appeal when you're the only one reading it. I know. Life is hard that way. Aww.

P.S. I always wonder who all the people reading my blog are. Where do you guys come from anyway? I mean I never knew, till one day I put up a statcounter thingy and BAM it said 600 views and I was like o.O waazut? Then it just kept climbing; guess most people had nothing to do after A-Levels either.
But it's just like how I'm one of the 20/30/40k people reading Xiaxue's blog and refreshing Facebook to see if there are new status updates (sad but true)... Life's always more interesting like that...
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