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Tuesday, November 17, 2009
Hi sorry the lack of updates, because I have really been doing nothing at all!

Let's see, Friday I studied at Junction8 (egg-citing, snort) and watched 2012 at night. I thought 2012 was awesome! It was really exciting and I couldn't sleep that night because I kept thinking about it. In a way it was pretty scary because you really never know with natural disasters? They could strike anytime and then what? I mean I take Geography, so I know the odds and etc, but still, it made me wonder a bit. Okay getting nerdy.

Saturday I drifted in and out of sleep (must be that sleep debt Erika keeps talking about). I've been catching up on sleep recently so that's good. At night we went to Butter Factory and I actually sat at Starbucks and studied. I wasn't dressed for paRtAyyIng (spag top, shorts & slippers) and would have felt guilty anyway so I headed to the little wooden tables while everyone else went in.

Sunday was the same as usual. Drove home at night and it was depressing because the roads were so empty.

Monday I studied at Junction8 again, it was more productive yay. I walked home and got lost so it took me a good 40 minutes but it felt okay. I made Campbell's mushroom soup and ate that with pasta, and finished James Frey's A Million Little Pieces.

That was utterly depressing again, especially when I flipped to the back and suddenly realised it was a non-fiction book. I mean you always knew about horrors in society like rape and child prostitution and drugs and beatings and jails and abuse and discrimination and fear and pain and terror and fear and pain and terror and fear and pain and terror and shame and self-hatred. But holding a real-life account of it in your hands makes it so much more scary and saddening.

Other than that I've been laughing a fair bit, because every time I meet Erika (whom I've known since Primary 4 and is hence my oldest still-in-contact-friend) I come up with the most retarded bullshit imaginable. "Do you LISTEN to yourself sometimes Sophie?!"
Laughter is good. Laughing is good.

This is cute:

This is not:

Seriously Keira Knightly?! Don't they say If You Got It, Flaunt It? (This may originally be with respect to some form of talent or another. I wouldn't know. I am not very talented.)

I am obviously no advocate of bosom-y-ness because boys' brains seem to stop functioning at the slightest inkling of them (and because I am not very bosom-y), but really, spare us!!!
If she ever agreed to go for a boob job (I honestly couldn't care less whether she did or not and whether you think plastic surgery is okay or not) she'd be the best spokesperson EVER.

Random late-night rambling. Bye!

P.S. By the way, does ANY girl know of a boy who doesn't think Megan Fox is the hottest thing alive (besides Angelina Jolie)? Most of us girls didn't mind her and thought she was hot too, till she became insanely overrated and over-sexualised. Transfomers 2 basically consisted of zoom-ins into her bouncing cleavage and always-perfect lipgloss. You could give all the arguments possible to a boy; stuff like She Had Plastic Surgery or even She Killed Your Grandma and all they can do is say "But she's fucking hot!". Haha boys.......

Yeah I know. So not helping my cause. Guess I can sit here and stare at it and wish I looked like that! Isn't that what all our generation is about now? :o
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