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Sunday, December 27, 2009
Last Christmas of this decade! Christmas this year seemed kind of mild. It's like we've become bored of it; as if the increasingly bright and extravagant lights and wildly consumerist shopping frenzies are no longer enough.

Christmas Eve:
Sparkly Tights!

Yesterday (Boxing Day):

Potluck dinner again with Rudy's friends, down headed down to Zouk to meet Chloe they all cause she just came back from Europe!
(Impromptu so that meant I was wearing slippers. Sad face.)

I'm starting to collect pictures and polaroids for Chloe's going-away scrapbook; she's leaving for Australia next year in February ):

Yawn these holidays haven't been all that relaxing. I really want those roll-out-of-bed-meet-friends-to-rot days!

Ugh dance practice on Tuesday again, 6.30pm to 10.30pm or something? Hope my mom isn't using the car so I can drive to school woohoo.

By the way I'm thinking of getting a new camera. Do people wait till theirs totally dies before getting a new one? Mine is kind of spoilt but still works fine most of the time. Anyway I've had it for almost 3 years so that's considered quite long right? (Cost me $550)
So does anyone have a camera to recommend!!!!
Like what is a good camera brand?
Mine now is a Sony, which takes clear pictures and all, but sometimes I think we're paying more for the brand and design as compared to real quality. Like a camera from another brand might be just as good but probably costs less. That's what they say about Sony Vaios anyway haha.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!
That's my pretty Christmas-themed farm on Facebook Farmville!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009
I had a shoot on Monday and I got some pictures so I finally decided to post the pictures from 2 other shoots that I never did get around to uploading as well!

This was way back in 2007:

I only remember he was from Brazil.

At the Skate Park behind Somerset!

PUNGGOL BEACH omg mad far away.

Sorry rest of the pictures got lost somewhere. Do I look different now?

Anyway this was this year, sometime in June I think:

With Sarah and Nelfy at some house. This shoot was for a new Sony cyber-shot camera, so that meant a lot of fake-smiling at nothing and pretending to laugh hysterically at some great "event" we three "best friends" had in the day.

It's quite lucky there's no audio recorded cause that means we could actually be saying "So bored of smiling, how long more is there??!" while trying to look like we'd just won a million buckxzx.

Yeah so we had to sit in front of a laptop (only naturally a Sony Vaio) and pretend to be looking through photos from the day, when in reality we're just staring at stock photos that come with a new laptop like landscape and animals... (Bears and flowers look a lot less interesting the 10th time you see them).

Day 2 at Illuma, Bugis:
See the accessories store in the background? We had to pretend to be browsing through stuff and supposedly doing normal "girly" stuff.


At Clarke Quay for some tourist-y shots (cause we're supposed to be teens on holiday):

Haha portable fan.

Filmed buying ice-cream for the Turkish ice-cream store (you know the one that keeps pretending to drop your cone or something haha).

Yawn and the below on Monday! For a Sony handy-cam this time. This story was about 2 couples meeting up at dinner or something. It is SO weird to try acting like a married woman, I mean what do adults talk about?!
Like when they ask you to act happy etc, you can't exactly pretend to do a "twist" or push your "friends" around etc etc. Adults just don't DO that you know?

Haha the weirdest is that originally I was almost cast for the role of the woman with the KID (thankfully in the end I'm just a married woman without kids haha). I was like "The mom?? But I'm 19!!!"
And the worst is, apparently the kid was 10 years old? HAHAHA imagine if I had really gotten that role...

I hate how I always look so different/weird after make-up...

German-Korean and Dutch-Malay Australian.
They both look like they drowned in foundation haha.


OMG it kept raining! The shoot was from 5pm-12am, and I think we spent maybe an hour actually filming?
In fact this shoot had originally already been rescheduled once. We had all gone down last week and done make-up, hair etc but it wouldn't stop raining so they had to cancel it.

But this meant we spent a huge amount of time in the hotel room (filming was done on the rooftop) watching cable :D

SO ANNOYED, I've dance practice on the 26th, at 11.30am?! Like seriously, it's CHRISTMAS!! Plus we've to choreograph 4 eights by then ):

I'm probably using Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Pink etc etc. Weird choice I know, cause I generally do slow-slow flowy-ish kinds of dance, but that's the music I got for my "interview" (1 minute-long improvisation :0). So when I thought of choreography, it was the first thing that popped into my head. Oh well.