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Saturday, December 12, 2009
Hi I'm back from Dance Camp!
I wound up with multiple bruises and friction burns on my knees and elbows and feet. (Ever tried spinning on your knees? Pain)

Today we visited Sentosa for beach games as the last leg of Camp. I put on tons of sunblock because I don't tan, I just turn red and peel. Ouch.
I put sunblock everywhere except on my hands. So now I have sunburnt hands. They are red. Way to go!

Anyway, know how Google auto-completes your search with suggestions generally based on things other people have searched? So I tried it the other day using a few keywords. Here's what I got:
What's up with the total fixation on Lady Gaga's sexual orientation??

HAHAHAHA "Why do men have nipples". I can't believe people research such stuff!

Almost 6 million searches for "Do people eat spiders in their sleep"! Where do people get such random questions from anyway?!

Go try with your own words! I realised the search results can change quite drastically every day, so go see what you get!

Byebye, lots of Farmville-ing to catch up on!
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