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Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Zouk on Saturday night. Both Chloe and I drove so that meant no drinking. First time I drove to Zouk! Sheesh I passed through Orchard to get there, and even at midnight there was still a jam. Yuck.

Teresa, Chloe, Me and Amanda.

Mega unglam shots by these guys who kept insisting I look like Bella Swan from Twilight... I mean I've heard that a couple of times (No, really!! Hahahaha). I still don't really see the resemblance but everyone says it's the face shape/chin/mouth/whatever.

Huda came from prom haha.

Yawn. I'm going for NUS Dance Camp tomorrow! Yes I'm in dance hahahaha, I know I never mentioned it before.
Went to Golden Landmark Shopping Centre yesterday to buy the ballet stuff needed for Dance Camp- leotard, ballet shoes, tights etc etc. $79, what a waste of money. Not like I've ever done or will do ballet...

My camp is from Wednesday to Saturday, 4D3N (hoho sounds like a holiday). We'll be staying in one of the NUS halls (Sheares Hall to be exact, which is like really near my faculty anyway). I'll bring along my laptop but I don't know how much free time I'll have.
Yay for Blackberry then!

Going to town now. Oh, we watched Zombieland last night, I thought it was pretty good! Gory and quite scary at times, but still funny overall.
Bye bye, will do a quick post tomorrow before I leave!
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