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Saturday, December 19, 2009
Semi-impromptu to Zouk on Wednesday.
I drove, and finally established when the right time is to tip the Zouk valet. I also dropped my phone for the first (of many) time, but that's nothing considering I just split a ton of yoghurt on it. Semi-frantic. Ran (slightly accelerated lumbering) to the kitchen to dig yoghurt out of the speakers, camera hole and other crevices.

With Sarah and Jeannie. Aww so happy so red like two tomatoooooooes.

Watched Jeannie cling to a lamppost and refuse to go home, told Sean I wouldn't save him if he fell into the river (but that I'd swim halfway out if my phone dropped in) and blackmailed everyone into saying what a nice girl I am in exchange for a lift home (in da SOPHIEMOBILE).

Eating the rest (non-split) of my yoghurt now.

P.S. Love Zombieland! Go watch. The Perfect Getaway was so a-twist-for-the-sake-of-a-twist (oh gee, you mean YOU'RE the killers?), but still beats watching Twilight. I mean I'd rather see people kill each other than a love triangle between a moron, a werewolf and a vampire (the film summed up in 10 words). Save yourselves!
P.P.S. Town is insanely crowded. Orange Julius ran out of hot dog buns, and Lido's bubble tea shop ran out of bubbles (pearls, I mean). What the???
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