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Wednesday, December 16, 2009
Hi apologies for unglam faces (the worser ones were covered by Photobucket's ugly purple star to spare you the agony). You can see where I decided that I should stop torturing everyone with my it's-3am-face by the appearance of the kittykat mask. Told you it would come in handy!!

Finally decided to sell of some of my accumulating stash... Almost everything has only been worn once, max twice, or not at all.
Anyway, all prices include postage.
Prices are slightly negotiable, but be reasonable.
Meet-ups possible.

Email me at to confirm for something, or if you have other questions/need more pictures/have no one else to email.
Alternatively you can leave your email in my tagboard.

#1 Gold Knit Crop: $12
21" down
>Stretchy waistband
>Real colour is that in the first 2 pictures

(ugly bangs days)

#2 Cotton On Grey Button-Up Tank: $16
Tagged S, 27" down, 15" ptp
> Loose-fit

(more ugly bangs days!!!)

#3 Schnauzer Top: $14
Tagged S, 23" down, 14" ptp
>Area under bust to be tightened by the string thingy

#4 Cotton On Ruffled Tank: $15
Tagged XS, 28" down, 13" ptp
>There were actually 3 layers of ruffles but I cut off the last one; no visible cut lines or whatever
>Will only fit UK6 or UK8

#5 Cotton On Striped Dress: $19
Tagged S, 32" down, 11" ptp (unstretched)
>Adjustable Straps
> Stretchable ptp

#6 Ohsofickle Leopard Dress: $19
31" down, 15" ptp
>Bought from the FEP store!
>The black sash is mine so it's not attached at all. However I will mail it out along with the dress.

(ugly bangs!!!!!!!)

#7 Tube Dress (with the world's longest sash): $15
25" down, 11" ptp (unstretched)
> Smocked Waist
> Bloody long 43" sash

#8 Black Knit Dress: $18
32" down, 13" ptp
> Front is button-down (3 buttons)
> Back has hole(?), closed by button at the top

#9 Cotton On Black Dress: $19
Tagged XS, 32" down
> Adjustable Straps

#10 F21 Splatter Top: $20
Tagged S, 26" down, 15" ptp
>3rd and 4th picture- without inner layer and with inner layer respectively

#11 F21 Macrame Burnout Tunic: $24
Tagged M, 32"
> Large armholes
> Worn loose-fit

#12 Ohsofickle Tunic: $13
33" down
> Loose-fit, wouldn't recommend this for small girls (a.k.a UK6)

#13 Bonitochico Dress: $15
33" down
> Smocked waist

#14 Gojane Sandals: $12
9.5" long
> No tagged size, but I'm a EUR37 and it's a bit tight so this would fit a EUR36 better

#15 F21 Cross-Back Stud Tunic: $27
Tagged S, 27" down
>Large armholes

#16 Mango Silver Sequin Bandage Skirt: $14
Tagged S, 12" down, 11" across
> It's actually a tube, but is very stretchable

(insanely unglam)

#17 Sailor Dress: $12
31" down
> Stretchable waist

#18 Bones Dress: $15
32" down
> Tie-back strings
> Back keyhole detail
> Is not attached to white inner layer (tank top)
> Stretchable waist

#19 Victoria's Secret Heart Bikini Top: $20
Tagged XS
12.5" length (excluding strings)
>Exactly the same cut as G.Bundchen picture (including the heart ring in the middle)

(Visibly did not make me look like Gisele Bundchen)

#20 Black Cut-Out Dress: $20
32" down
> Loose-fit at ptp and waist

(supposed to be god-knows-what inspired)

#21 Robotninjas Sequin Tank/Dress in BLACK: $18
Is actually 32" long
>Slightly sheer under flash, plz wear black/nude/? undies
>Btw I wore it as a dress and it was long enough

#22 Missypixie Tunic: $12
> Adjustable straps
> Ribbon tie-back

#23 Loulouinvades Love Necklace: $11
20.5" total length
> Lobster-clasp closure
> Adjustable (as in, has a section of rings for you to choose which one to hook in...)

#24 Topshop Feather Dress: $28
Tagged UK8, 32" down
>Yes it's a dress but I've always worn it as a top

#25 F21 Black Pyramid Ring: $8
> Umm about 4.5cm circumference, 1.8cm diameter
> Adjustable
> Square is 3.5cmx3.5cm

#26 F21 Floral Top: $25
Tagged S, 25" down
> Adjustable straps
> Smocked back

#27 F21 Paisley Dress: $27
Tagged S, 33.5" down

#28 Delia's Bikini (Top & Bottom): $26
Tagged XS
top 23" total length
bottom 12.5" across
> NEVER WORN; hygiene sticker is still on

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