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Friday, December 04, 2009
Sophie: Textinggggg youuuuuu from my new phoneeeeee
Mom: Ya ya

On Monday (after exams ended-woohoo) I bought:

$39.90! $_$


$0 (haha because of my plan and whatever)
Yah I know, retarded advertorial-cute-face up there. Brrrr.

Anyway finished reading The Lost Symbol on Wednesday, was slightly disappointed.
The themes just seemed a bit too repetitive- I mean it's always the same idea of some lunatic suddenly pursing a long-lost treasure guarded by a powerful elite group, and to do so he manipulates some high-ranking members of this group and Robert Langdon gets involved somehow. At least there was no customary romance, although there is a female main character as usual.
I thought it was a bit draggy as well cause I skimmed a lot of parts. And it was set in Washington D.C. so I dunno, that seemed too Nicolas-Cage-in-National-Treasure to me.
But overall, it's Dan Brown so it's still worth reading...

Zouk last night (yah on a Thursday) for an event at Velvet:

Last night was ???+zzz+!!!+)))): so = L4D2
Yawn the new L4D2 is a lot harder than its predecessor! We kept dying when we first tried playing it. We made it all the way last night only cause we played *cough*easy, and Sarah left all of us to die (not that Jeannie wasn't dead ALREADY hahahahaha) by saving herself.

My Blackberry took 3+ days for the Blackberry Service to get activated >:(
But so after L4D2 I was busy accomplishing technological feats of my generation- i.e. downloading Facebook & configuring nonsense, without ever reading the manual.
This is prevalent in all humans (except maybe Unnamed Friend #1 who spent 5 minutes pressing the cd Eject button on her Mac thinking it would activate the wireless) below 25 years of age and in Developed Countries. Natural selection! I mean, that's probably why your parents take half a year to learn how to use the Internet and you took only 5 minutes.

Bye. Not in the mood for anything.
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