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Wednesday, December 09, 2009
Okay since I'll be away at Dance Camp, I'm officially starting my Twitterzx.
If you have an account, (as I have discovered that the whole world has- even rugby boys, miscellaneous huh-YOU-have-twitter?! ex-classmates, farmville..etc etc- it's like the Facebook I never knew about) you can follow me if you like!

I promise not to crowd your Tweet wall feed (?) with nonsense like: I just ate. Need to fart. (Like, WHO CARES?! Unless you're Daniel Henney/Zac Efron, because I'm sure even you farting is gorgeous. Anyway, girls don't fart. Everyone knows that.)

So yeah, twitter/sophiewillocq. (That was a link by the way).

P.S. Sorry mega n00b I haven't figured out how to put the Twitter feed on my blog hahaha.
P.P.S. Yuck carrying so much stuff for camp! I still have to carry my sleeping bag and laptop in my arms >:(
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