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Friday, July 31, 2009
Supperclub on Wednesday because Kenneth was spinning there.
First time there for the majority of us, it's a pretty nice place to hang out! DJ Kenetixc (who went through a myriad of DJ name changes) played trance for us, wawawee man of many talents; Hard Rock Cafe colleague and our mahjong kaki. Then again that means I'm a woman of many talents since I am also a Hard Rock Cafe colleague and mahjong kaki. Just lacking the DJ spinning part.









Typical.. Secretly zooming in on our faces while pretending to help us take a photo:


One more for the collection Chloe!









Kenneth the DJ!




DJ Kenetixc in action!


Anyway Blogger is still screwed up for me, apparently only Singnet users are affected? So I'm typing this entirely in HTML, meaning I've to use Photobucket for photos.

Watched The Hangover last night after having dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, AGAIN (it's like we love the place too much), but with Rudy's parents this time. The movie was quite funny, and kind of makes you wish for those moments of pure fun. Like when you've no other thoughts or worries occupying your mind and you do nothing but just laugh with your friends. But that aside, the movie's quite a worthwhile watch if you're looking for a comedy.

Oh and I got the results of my NUS module bidding, I got all three that I had bid for thanks to Emiko's thorough run-through. First semester will see me studying Philosophy, Southeast Asian Studies and Political Science as my cores. I still have to choose 2 more non-core modules, but that's for another day.

Am currently plagued with a humongous headache (like physically, not a mental dilemma) so bye bye.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009
Okeh nothing is happening in my life and anyway Blogger is screwing up so all's well that ends well.

Watched Public Enemies today, was semi-interesting. And largely only because Johnny Depp's good-looking face gets lots of screen time. Other than that it's just a lot of bang bang bang.

Going to NUS tomorrow to submit all the stupid forms...... Can someone please tell me when school in NUS officially starts? Like I really have no idea. I THINK it's 3rd August (which is just next Monday :o) but I have no real confirmation of that. But oh well it's JUST university anyway... What's missing one or two days or... weeks...


Saturday, July 25, 2009
Happy Birthday To Me! :D

Evening- Dinner at Ritz Carlton, oysters crabs prawns scallops cherries white chocolate woohoo!

Midnight- I was at home with Rudy and he left a while after wishing me <3

2am- Chloe, Jeannie, Jude and Alvin turned up at my door and surprised me with cake and chocolate (:

I changed out of my pjs and we went to buy McDonalds. Drove up to Seletar Dam for a midnight picnic haha.

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe hahahahaha there are a few advantages of being an "alumni" you know!

Shuffling Bunny and Mickey Mouse Instax.

"Omg Addie why'd you take a picture?!"
"Oh oops how many shots do you have left?"

And a Hello Kitty balloon.

Hehezx 2 polaroids instead of 1!

Caleb cute huh.

Haha I've no idea what he's looking at in both photos.

NINETEEN. My last year as a teenager! Come next July 25th I'll be hitting the big -2-0- :o Scarieee I like being a teenager. Stupidity can be blamed on adolescence, but once you become an adult, stupidity is just... stupidity.

Bye bye, off to wallow in my newfound 19th-ness. Not like there's much difference from when I was 18, but never mind!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today, my dad's boss called our house and I answered. He said "Is your dad home?" and I said I'd check. I put the phone on mute and asked my dad if he wanted to talk to his boss. My dad yells "Does that asshole not have a life?!" Turns out the phone wasn't on mute, it was on speaker.

Today, I was taking a shower when my boyfriend suddenly hopped in with me. We were getting a little frisky when my mom's hand unexpectedly came through the curtain, and dropped a condom in the bottom of the shower, all the while saying, "Keep it safe kids!"

Today, my girlfriend of 2 years told me she was pregnant. I started freaking out, so she put her arm around me and said, "Don't worry, it's not yours."

Today, after my girlfriend of 2 years left me for another guy, I got stuck in an elevator for 3 hours. With the both of them.

Today, my boyfriend and I were on the phone. He started talking dirty, and saying how horny he was and etc. I decided to play along and said "I want you to picture me naked, baby." All of a sudden I heard a huge sigh and he responded, "Ew, that just killed it."

soapz; says: (11:44:03 PM)
Alberto Nunez says: (11:43:43 PM)
is this F my life?
soapz; says: (11:44:13 PM)
haha yeah it always serves as a pick me up hahaha
Alberto Nunez says: (11:48:36 PM)
do you ever feel guilty?
Alberto Nunez says: (11:48:41 PM)
soapz; says: (11:49:05 PM)
for not having as shitty a life? not really

Haha this might be morbid, but it's all really funny. It just makes you go :o but makes you laugh as well.

This looks gay, but I'm a girl (vain), so I wanted to show my flower :o

Alberto Nunez is actually Gxxxn, but he's retarded and staunchly believes in Internet safety, so he ditched his Facebook and email accounts and created new ones. And of course he had to choose the most disgusting name as his new online persona.

He also has a hamster called Soulja Boy. Wtf?

19th in 3

Wednesday, July 22, 2009
"Are you KEEN on watching KEANE? Hahahahaha."

What the... That's the latest from MTV Asia, the leader of all things cool and trendy!

Coolest Kids On The Block.

Rudy's taking a course to be a certified tennis coach. No it's not gonna be his job, he's waiting to enter university too. With a cert he can charge more for his tennis lessons that's all.
Anyway his test is soon so being the good-hearted souls that we are, we (Smith, Darren, Chloe and I) all agreed to be guinea pig students for he and his fellow aspiring coaches.

3 hours of tennis... five 20min sessions so that each coach gets a chance to try a n00b student (us). I learnt the: Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Forehand Volley and Backhand Volley.

The worst is that at the end of it all, I doubt I know much more about tennis. Cause like for example after the first coach (who taught me the Serve), the Head Coach (whom we have to give feedback to) told us that we were all taught wrongly. Grrr...

Anyway apparently I have good ball sense hahaha woohoo Serena Williams in the making! Or whoever's top in tennis now anyway. Wtvz I was never particularly interested in tennis.

My little Marley:

Still as unfriendly as ever.

My birthday is in a couple of days... No idea what I'm gonna do. I will be 19 years old. THE last year as a teenager!

Tupelo Chicken Tenders please

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Went back to Hard Rock Cafe the other day for dinner, felt so weird to be served by our ex-colleagues! And also quite hilarious because we already know the menu and everything else like the back of our hands haha.

Haha you can practically see the eye roll at being forced to do this.

Yeah whenever I was Expo I had to wear the apron and cap too omg hahahaha. The Expo liaises with the Kitchen, adds all the necessary sauces to the dishes and dispatches so and so dish to its respective table.

(I don't smoke).

Watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince the day it came out, was slightly disappointing. It was a bit draggy, made worse by the fact that there was practically no action at all. Instead, it was all about the stupid puppy loves and crushes and all that roll eye stuff.
I really don't remember the book being that lacklustre. Wasn't there some fight or SOMETHING after Dumbledore died? I know this is a spoiler but if you hadn't read the book yet you deserve to die anyway. I on the other hand, could quote lines from the book as they were being said on screen- "You dare to use my own spells against me?!"

P.S. Ginny Weasley is taller than Harry Potter. HAHA. And she's kinda ugly.
P.P.S. Played L4D again, it's been a while! The latest development is that you can now play maps created by other users instead so that's pretty cool.