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Wednesday, January 27, 2010
No not on my Blackberry, but on my laptop which strangely enough (or not), is on my lap. Obviously I have no Internet on the bus (the government needs to address this pressing issue immediately) but I can still type.

GPS update: stuck in a jam on Farrer Road >:(

I could play Diner Dash 2! Been stuck at one level for ages.

Anyway, met Valentina a while back to finally visit 313 (I'm sorry I live under a rock) (It's comfortable here) (Unlike the mad human jam that town is) (But wurveee you 4eva town) (Sorry short attention span today).

Was totally exciting to visit the 4-storey Forever21! (As one tagger highlighted previously, what do I and "my Forever21 clothes" know about fashion?) (Vindictive). It seemed that every single girl walking through 313 was carrying the Forever21 shopping bag.

But the store kind of proved to be a yawn ): I only got one top (which they only had left in size M) and some accessories. THE WORST IS, I visited the Wisma Forever21 outlet a few days later, the stock there was so much newer AND they had my top in size S!

I tie up my hair to eat. By the way, the Food Republic at 313 is pretty expensive. And the China girl at the drink stall is bloody rude!

Fat fingers.

Fat fingers v.2

Weird discolorations done by Valentina Chua. By the way, I am STILL stuck in a jam on Farrer Road! And obviously by the time this post is up, it would mean I've finally reached school where thankfully there is wireless.

Freezing on the bus. Sherry & Camille used to purposely sit at the library and freeze because metabolic rate increases when you're cold so as to generate more body heat. So they thought it would make them lose weight -_-

Lecturer: "Lee Kuan Yew, Lee Hsien Loong and Goh Chok Tong= The Father, Son and Holy Goh".

FINALLY REACHING HOLLAND. Gonna cab from here ugh.
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