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Monday, January 11, 2010
My Facebook lags every time I try to get on to waste more of my life on Farmville/Fishville/stalking. Like HELLO? It's people like me (no-lifers way too obsessed with the Internet) (I spelt "obsessed" wrongly twice) who are allowing Facebook to rake in the millions (billions?) yearly with all the ugly ads that clog up my pages. I even spend time convincing other people to start a farm/tank!
I mean right now I'm trying to share the find of a golden (golden!!) egg in my chicken coop on my profile so other people can open the egg, but Facebook won't let me! See so now some farmers won't get to open a golden (golden!!) egg. And if someone were to say I haven't contributed directly in any way, well I've actually paid real money for Farmville cash because I really wanted a reindeer sled. So there.

(A whole lot of forehead).

My friend just bought back a massive 18-pack box of gum for me from the States. That translates to a whole lot of gum. And it supposedly even whitens teeth and helps prevent stains (as if). Okay according to the packaging, chewing 2 pieces of gum after every meal will give me whiter teeth in as little as 4 weeks.
Say 2 meals a day (rationing of gum) (foresight), therefore 2 x 2= 4 pieces of gum/day. 4 weeks= approx 30 days (easier to multiply than 31). 30 x 4= 120 pieces of gum.
Looks like I'll never find out if it works.

P.S. I know Farmville/USD foreign exchange (sorta) may not directly count to Facebook's income, but whatever. I'm banking on the theory that Farmville has to pay some sort of deeds or something to Facebook. Not as if any of you have paid real money for anything on Facebook either right? So there.
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