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Saturday, January 09, 2010
They say Bitch Fight.

Just some of the 30-ish rings I have! And only 10 fingers!
I realise quite a lot of my rings are more on the cute-ish (ish) side. All the nicer, "glam" ones from Topshop/Diva/etc tend to tarnish anyway.

School's starting. I'm kind of worried because I still have no idea what I want to major in. To me, psychology, sociology, geography, political science, comms. & new media etc etc are ALL THE SAME. In the sense that in none would I screw up miserably, but neither in none would I excel. It's just like GP back in JC, but focusing on different aspects.

I'm banking more on comms. & new media, political science or geography as my majors, but I'm not certain for any. Ugh.

I had dance this morning at 11.30am and it's now 5pm and I HAVEN'T EATEN AT ALL. I'm actually sick of maggi.

P.S. Sometimes being tall is annoying because you stick out like mad and can't wear pretty heels ):
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