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Monday, February 15, 2010
Hi everyone! In case you hadn't noticed, I've finally switched to the standard Blogger Template so that I can have a commenting system instead of a tagboard that is regularly (painfully) barraged with nonsense by Will.

I've had a tagboard pretty much since I had a blog so it's quite a change for me. Anyway I receive an email notification for every comment so doesn't matter if it's an old post. Moderation currently off but please don't take this opportunity to spam/insult me -_-

Lazy to upload pictures from CNY Day 1 yet, so the below 2 is just something I did for a friend in her project. Some of you may know her, she's Charmaine from (:

Her project involved making a magazine! (fake obviously) Haha I look sooooo white on the cover it's scary. I love the layout of the second photo though, it looks so cute.

I've suddenly developed this total obsession with miscellaneous Unicode Character Symbols (i think that's the proper name?). And they're just basically all your: ★ ☁ ♥ ☂ ♛ etc.
I tried adding stars to my name on Facebook but it wouldn't let me :( haha okay craving for roti prata right now!

The other day I was eating prata (at Upper Thomson Prata House) and was gonna put sugar on my prata because the curry was unusually spicy and flavorless (as in, it only tasted spicy and nothing else) (I eat prata with curry and not sugar usually).
I took the sugar that was at our table and poured tons on my prata. Took a bite and... "omg it's salt".
ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. Washing it down with tehping just makes it taste even worse. I got sugar (real) and poured it on the non-salt-affected parts with the theory that tons of sugar would kill the taste of salt. It really didn't.
Ugh the yucky taste of tons of salt+sweetening attempts via tehping/sugar was so revolting, totally lost my appetite.

Goodnight, more visiting to do later! The tale of the angbao quest continueesszxz...
9 comments on "☆☆☆☆☆"
  1. Anonymous6:13 AM

    very useful read. I would love to follow you on twitter.

  2. many names11:57 AM

    i dont think this will stop will but it's worth the try.

  3. Oppa will1:14 PM

    u see Sophie? many of ur readers r still fixated by my presence.

  4. Anonymous5:14 PM

    um.... will's still here i think....

  5. Anonymous12:13 AM

    haha u need to moderate your comments soon else will the pest will still be here :(

  6. Anonymous12:14 AM

    hey sophie does the sony dsc-wx1 take b&w photos? how to get there?

  7. moderating won't work. change the settings to require everyone to log in to comment and then from there, bar the pest's id.

  8. babe i love ur style and everything!! :) u go girl!

  9. awww so sweet sophie :)