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GOODBYE DOESN'T MEAN FOREVER, cheesiest pre-planned album title possible courtesy of Jeannie

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
So Saturday was READY.SET.GLO @ Zouk with Calvin Harris spinning. All I remember from Calvin Harris was someone saying that he was quite cute, and him really turning out to be quite cute.

Farewell for Chloe & Teresa at Velvet, where thankfully it was slightly less crowded than Zouk/Phuture. (I know some people actually don't know understand that there's Phuture/Zouk/Velvet and it still being called Zouk as a whole haha)

Teresa, Chloe, Jeannie and I.

Remnants of Darrell/Daryl (depending on fengshui) on the left and Chloe's on the right. Ewww.

These were while I was waiting for everyone to get ready and feeling bored:
Cause I wondered how my eyeshadow looked like.

REAL PHONECALL OK. Not fake fake act cute oh-I'm-on-the-phone shot!

Out of my 5 modules at NUS, 4 of them require groupwork. Yuck this means a lot of group meetings ugh but it's alright if everyone does their part I guess, cause at least this ensures we'll (or I will) be keeping to deadlines.

I realise I never said what I'm studying this semester, so here it is:
Communications & New Media
Government & Politics of Singapore
Leisure, Recreation & Tourism
Principles of Communication Management

I was alone at Watsons today (my life is that exciting) and I actually spent $40 there! At least I finally got eyeliner, for days I have been using my "spare" one (Revlon) which smudges really easily. I actually bought silver eyeliner :o haha cause I want to test how highlighting my eyes will turn out.

Sally Hansen is having a sale on some of their nail polishes, going at around $7+/bottle so that's a pretty good deal! I got Sheer Beige Gloss because although I'd love to paint my nails (and I'm pretty steady), I hate my fingers (fat) and thus do not want to draw attention to them...

Pointless rambles. Going out to kill zombies in a bit!
P.S. Posting the Zouk photos first cause it's still way less than the NUS pageant or Batam ones :S
P.P.S. I'm sorry I like to use emoticons a lot more nowadays...
3 comments on "GOODBYE DOESN'T MEAN FOREVER, cheesiest pre-planned album title possible courtesy of Jeannie"
  1. reader1:12 PM

    SOPHIEEE how do you make the eyeliner on your waterline stay! i adore your eye make up! make a tutorial on it pls? (:

  2. Mmm I use a non-smudge eyeliner, Maybelline Unstoppable Smudge-Proof Eyeliner! It's cheap too, like less than $10.

    And maybe you can draw the line lower? Like exactly at the lash line, I draw mine there!

    Haha I've thought about making a tutorial one day but just haven't gotten round to it! :D thanks for the compliment

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    where did chloe get her tube from? so pretty!