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Monday, March 29, 2010
Random stuff I did:

(Someone asked me on my formspring how I keep such fair armpits. HAHAHAHA.)








Haha I took this dress! Anyway that's Jolin, I've known her a while cause she used to be my booker!










Watched How to Train Your Dragon in 3D, thought it was cute. The viking accents are really quite amusing and the dragons are adorable; they're like little dogs/cats.

Played L4D2 two or three days in a row; I really can't even remember.
Remember the helium balloon I bought for Darrell for his birthday? The retard breathed all the helium in and sat alone in his room talking to himself. Way to go.

Oh also watched Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I actually happened to read the book sometime last year cause it was lying around a friend's room. The book wasn't very good so I've no idea why I watched the movie. But it was quite funny in a lame way. I mean I guess you can't expect a movie about an 11-year old's insecurities to be particularly mature.

By the way I don't really see the point of blogshops on Facebook (I mean for consumers. For the owners obviously it's publicity). Or Twitter. Okay for Twitter errr... I guess you'll get an update when there's a new collection, but aren't email notifications enough?

Ugh okay I really wish everyone would just let me rot in my little hole.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

OMG such bad flyaway/frizzy hair here!

HAHAHA I can't stop staring at this photo on our Principles of Communications textbook... It is so cheesy and by the way PR theories are very boring.


Oooh come hither eyes o.O


Wow so many Hazels! Now everyone's happy!

I was rushing for school the other day so I decided to do my makeup in the cab. Forgot to bring my mirror so I had to resort to using the Photobooth on my Mac! CRUCIAL things every girl needs- concealer and eyeliner:

1) Concealer for dark eye circles.

2) Eyeliner for the top.

3) And eyeliner for the bottom.

I was in Govt. & Politics of Singapore lecture, and swung out my table to see this. HAHAHAHA taubox... What on earth is tau pokket?!

Gus: "When's Clash of The Titans coming out?"
Darrell & I: "1st April"
Darrell & I: "Jinx"
Darrell & I: "Double jinx"
Darrell: "Triple jinx"

I've never gone up to a triple jinx before!

Ugh was in school till 11pm on Friday! Very not cool. Haha a friend's friend brought a tv to school, plus the xbox consoles and etc so I went to check out their Winning Eleven marathon/competition.
Got a ride to town but ended up lost and on the ECP to Changi :o thumbs up everyone!

Another 2000 word essay coming up.
To end, everyone go check out The Catorialist, it's like a cat version of The Sartorialist (a famous street fashion photography blog). Hahahaha Purrberry... Giorgio Armeowni, Comme Des Chatons... hahahahahaha...


Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Me yesterday morning:

"I almost drowned walking to the bus stop. There was a mini river flowing across the grass. I felt like a kid in India please. Like walking through New Delhi during monsoon season."

After some extreme dedication in getting to school, involving me waking up at a SINGLE-DIGIT hour, carrying an umbrella and wearing slippers, I reached to find out that...

Lecture had been cancelled.


Harry Potter pick-up lines:
- Are you a Dementor? Because you just took my breath away.
- Did you survive Avada Kedavra? Because you're drop-dead gorgeous.
- My name may not be Luna, but I sure know how to Lovegood!


When I told a friend today that I was wearing skorts (skirt+shorts), I found out that he thought I meant leggings and a flare skirt. Hahaha fashion disaster much...

Some newer additions to my 30 rings! I've lost so many in the depths of my room.

$_$ moneyface emoticon
z_z sleepy emoticon

More shopping alone today! Either I'm incredibly independent or just incredibly loser. Either way, I got viciously stepped on by a spoilt taitai (or are they all spoilt anyway?) in stilettos. Okay I don't think it was on purpose but all the same, watch your feet!

HAHAHA someone asked me on my formspring how often I bathe.
Let's see... once a day? twice a day? every 2 days? never? Leaving you all in sUspEnsE,



Monday, March 22, 2010
Omg got a huge shock, I opened my today and saw 50 questions. I was online just yesterday leh... But some of the questions are really interesting. I haven't even remotely figured out how to start answering so many. How to last 3 weeks?!

Haha in case you're wondering, I really did have exactly 50 in the inbox and wasn't rounding up. I just deleted 2 questions that were a bit more sensitive.

When I saw this I was like... HAHAHAHAHA. Like Aunt Agony hahahahahaha.

Anyway I'm not posting these to pinpoint any questions, I have to take screenshots for my report. I think it's quite funny; like imagine the screenshot in my report has the question What Kind Of Drunk Are You or something equally awkward (from a school point of view). Oh well at least my tutor should have more fun reading my report!

Watched Up In The Air the other day, I really thought the ending was quite surprising! I totally expected a typical happily ever after story.
P.S. There's a semi-nude scene ooohhh. I mean she's nude but it's mostly her back/side profile.

Another unexpected ending (to me lah) in The Book of Eli! Eli (yes the title merely refers to a book that the lead has, not some new cult bible or something) had some awesome moves, but too bad it's Denzel Washington cause... you know. He's like, old. Denzel Washington just isn't a face you'd associate COOL with.

Yesterday I was at the airport (further than the end of the world) to study and send Shaun off! Shaun's leaving for 4 weeks touring Europe (lucky), coming back one day and then flying off to Japan for another week (damn lucky). Terminal 1 looks terrible with all the construction going on.
(P.P.S. Fish & Co serves Yakult. Bet you didn't know that)
Shaun will get to watch god knows which soccer match live, and has to bring back a blade of grass for Darrell.

Can't wait till I'm wealthy+free+old (But not retired-old. More like damn cool yuppie kind of old) enough to be able to pack my suitcase and randomly pick a location on the flight information board and just GO. I mean yesterday we looked at it and we were like err... I think we can go Kuala Lumpur. And please I can drive there hahahaha.

Okay bye! Need to harvest my crops! School tomorrow!


Saturday, March 20, 2010
OKAY in case you haven't noticed (half-blind) (very dense) (both), I got It's the little box on the left. It's basically this new application that allows YOU to ask ME questions. (Hahaha I make it sound like such a treat...) I've noticed some people starting to use it like my friend Valentina, so I thought I'd give it a shot as part of my Communications & New Media project.

My CNM project requires me to use a new social media for 3 weeks and then write a 3-5page report on it. So this means I could try Chat Roulette, Second Life, Myspace, writing for Wikipedia...etc.

Anyway obviously I can't answer questions if there aren't any questions to answer (hahaha!) so help me by asking! You can really ask anything, but anything offensive will obviously just be deleted so don't be lame (but on second thought I can include that in my report). THANK CHEWZ.

Watched a dumb show the other day at Darrell's (as usual we burst into his house as and when we feel like it)- Fired Up, a movie about two jocks who go to Cheerleading Camp to get girls.

"Martin Luther King had a dream. I have one too. To KICK ASS at Cheerleading Camp! And I don't care if it makes me sound shallow."
"It doesn't. It makes you real."

"I love every bone in your body, especially mine."

Haha but so beats watching a serious boring film...

This will sound so bitchy but.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.



Hahaha navel piercing infected again! I was so startled at the sudden outburst of pus hahahaha. Anyway it's fine now, and no I don't know how to remove it myself.

Because I'm nice like that, I bought Darrell a balloon from Holland.

With Vivian at Velvet, she's in two of my tutorials (Communications & New Media and Sociology). Making more NUS friends woohoo!

Old photo, and this is why I don't like taking pictures with my right profile.

I haven't been eating into my bank account much so that's good (:

I seeker pwnz your ass
I turn Draco Malfoy into a good boy and reject Cedric Diggory
I beat Hermione as top student
And I tell Cho Chang she's fat
And ugly.
You can't beat Hermione she's damn smart.
Can. Plus my hair is nicer. Have you seen the squirrel bush she has?

Harry Potter if I were in it!

I've been eating more without gaining weight haha, but at least my mom says I look healthier now. School ends in a month plus, time to make holiday plans! (+/- some studying for the stupid things called exams)
And losing my P plate in 2 months cause I got my driving license on 27th May last year.

One 2000 word essay due soon ugh!