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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My school life is so boring that Wednesdays are Outfit Theme Days. The theme for the day above was flowers, in case anyone couldn't tell.
We had Stripes last week but forgot to take pictures. Skirts tomorrow!

It's kind of lame but imagine if you could get like 15 people in stripes sitting together in the lecture theatre. I think that would be funny!


I was reading the newspaper a while back (yes I read the newspaper) (And not just Life! for the comics) and it reported this UK couple striking lottery and winning S$232 million o.O
Just like that they're richer than Guy Ritchie and whoever else there is in UK. S$232 MILLION. Can you imagine what you'd do with so much money??
The husband is gonna build like this wind tunnel thingy in his own backyard so that he can go fake sky-diving whenever he wants to -_-

On the other hand, I also read a newspaper article recently about what happens to lottery winners. One winner's brother is currently in jail for hiring a hit man to kill his brother (hoping for inheritance)?!
His family and friends also kept pestering him to invest in their businesses and etc and the result is that within a year he was $1 million in debt.

And also, that UK couple I mentioned has their picture splashed across newspapers everywhere. It must be incredibly dangerous for them or their family to go out now? I mean it would be so easy to just kidnap one of them and demand a ransom. I'd hire tons of bodyguards to follow me around haha.

Seems winning the lottery is like one of those creepy tricks you read about in stories- where you're granted any wish you want but it comes with a very very costly price tag- a devastating event that happens to you shortly after enjoying your wish.


I don't even like champagne, but their wedges were not too bad! Minimum $150 expenditure to sit near the mosquito coils haha.

And because in Australia you can't get McDelivery:
This was after I had ordered McDelivery, and asked her on MSN if she wanted to Skype so she could see my Cheeseburger. She said no.

Pictures from when we sent Chloe and Teresa off! Quality is horrible, don't know what mode Jeannie put her camera on ugh!
Chloe's in Melbourne now studying Environmental Science at University of Monash. If NUS had Environmental Science here I'd probably have taken that! ):

Mad rush for time because Chloe left on Reunion Dinner day (CNY). Couldn't find ANY photo shops open so I had to print them at home and obviously the size and quality isn't right!


Amanda so interesting, and Teresa ever camera-ready.

Looking at NUS' Student Exchange Programmes now. I'm not dying to go but it would be a really good experience! I'm looking more at universities in USA or Europe. Haha so cool Yale is a partner university! IVY LEAGUE!!!
And this might be quite lame but I really wouldn't mind going to a university in Paris. I mean for someone who's half French, I've spent a pathetic amount of time in France and haven't visited Paris since god knows when.

Okay nap time bye bye!
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  1. Anonymous6:32 PM

    hey, rly hope you dun mind sharin, what camera model do you use?:)

  2. Anonymous6:33 PM

    hey, rly hope you dun mind sharin, what camera model do you use?:)

  3. Anonymous6:33 PM

    hey, rly hope you dun mind sharin, what camera model do you use?:)

  4. Anonymous7:13 PM

    where did chloe get her striped top? tia (:

  5. Martin8:12 PM

    Who's that girl with the gray Balenciaga bag ??

  6. Anonymous8:44 PM

    to martin:amanda

  7. Oppa will10:45 PM

    friends and relatives are so redundant when you are rich, aren't they? inferior goods i say, when your income increase, u want less friends.

  8. Anonymous11:27 PM

    Hi sophie, how much was the miu miu wallet you guys got for chloe!

  9. Anonymous: Sony CyberShot DSC-WX1 it's good! (:

    Anonymous: The wallet cost $570

  10. Anonymous1:15 AM

    for someone who's half chinese, have you ever been to china? LOL.

  11. Anonymous: Haha I lived in China for 6 years!! I only came back to Singapore when I was 8/9

  12. Anonymous10:34 AM

    hey sophie! ur photos are really nice. may i know wat setting did u use for the photos taken at Demspey?

  13. Anonymous: Umm it should have been Twilight mode cause the camera auto-selects the mode for you. If not Twilight, it would be Program, with flash but lowered exposure. But probably was Twilight haha

  14. Oppa will1:04 PM

    i can't point out exactly, but Diana has that thing going on that makes men wanna keep her as a mistress, even if they aren't married to begin with. she has that inept ability to convince men to voluntarily fork out hard-earned cash to sustain her extravagant lifestyle.

  15. Anonymous1:37 PM

    hey babe, who shared to get the miu miu wallet for chloe? if u dont mind me asking..

  16. Anonymous3:14 PM

    hey babe.. thanks for the info as i am using the same camera as u.. cheers~

  17. belle9:25 PM

    Hi sophie, may i know what laptop are you using for university? MAC? :)

  18. Belle: Yep I'm using a Macintosh, a white Macbook (: NUS has great laptop deals at the beginning of semester 1! I mean I bought mine before then, but a lot of people bought it at the matriculation fair. Even if you aren't gonna be a student, you can probably just get a friend from NUS to help you :D

  19. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Hi Sophie,

    If i recall correctly, you mentioned that you traded in your old camera and to buy ur current one right? May I know where you traded in your camera at? Cos i never knew we could trade in cameras! thanks

  20. Anonymous: It was a promotion by Sony, any trade-in will you give $100 off (: it was a promotion available at any shop, like all Best Denkis/etc