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Saturday, March 20, 2010
OKAY in case you haven't noticed (half-blind) (very dense) (both), I got It's the little box on the left. It's basically this new application that allows YOU to ask ME questions. (Hahaha I make it sound like such a treat...) I've noticed some people starting to use it like my friend Valentina, so I thought I'd give it a shot as part of my Communications & New Media project.

My CNM project requires me to use a new social media for 3 weeks and then write a 3-5page report on it. So this means I could try Chat Roulette, Second Life, Myspace, writing for Wikipedia...etc.

Anyway obviously I can't answer questions if there aren't any questions to answer (hahaha!) so help me by asking! You can really ask anything, but anything offensive will obviously just be deleted so don't be lame (but on second thought I can include that in my report). THANK CHEWZ.

Watched a dumb show the other day at Darrell's (as usual we burst into his house as and when we feel like it)- Fired Up, a movie about two jocks who go to Cheerleading Camp to get girls.

"Martin Luther King had a dream. I have one too. To KICK ASS at Cheerleading Camp! And I don't care if it makes me sound shallow."
"It doesn't. It makes you real."

"I love every bone in your body, especially mine."

Haha but so beats watching a serious boring film...

This will sound so bitchy but.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.



Hahaha navel piercing infected again! I was so startled at the sudden outburst of pus hahahaha. Anyway it's fine now, and no I don't know how to remove it myself.

Because I'm nice like that, I bought Darrell a balloon from Holland.

With Vivian at Velvet, she's in two of my tutorials (Communications & New Media and Sociology). Making more NUS friends woohoo!

Old photo, and this is why I don't like taking pictures with my right profile.

I haven't been eating into my bank account much so that's good (:

I seeker pwnz your ass
I turn Draco Malfoy into a good boy and reject Cedric Diggory
I beat Hermione as top student
And I tell Cho Chang she's fat
And ugly.
You can't beat Hermione she's damn smart.
Can. Plus my hair is nicer. Have you seen the squirrel bush she has?

Harry Potter if I were in it!

I've been eating more without gaining weight haha, but at least my mom says I look healthier now. School ends in a month plus, time to make holiday plans! (+/- some studying for the stupid things called exams)
And losing my P plate in 2 months cause I got my driving license on 27th May last year.

One 2000 word essay due soon ugh!
3 comments on "questshun"
  1. tell rudy to lick off that pus.

  2. wtf? who's this oppa. such a weirdo.

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    Euwww. Oppa dude is sick shit. F off man!

    And that model poster thg was funny! Beautiful?? My ass!