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Thursday, April 01, 2010
Forgot to mention this:!
It's quite funny but that guy is SO GOING TO HELL.

"Don't listen to the shit my Dad says"
"Still hungover from Church last weekend."
"I'm bringing back the unicorn."
"Painting eggs. I like to plan ahead."
"Happy Birthday Justin Bieber. We're all glad you're growing up."
"Holy shit. Chile is fucked."

Have fun reading.

This probably means I need to cut my fringe. And featuring my glossy red cupboards (and horribly oddly shaped bedroom).

Followed Darrell to buy a tv for his bedroom (as small as a storeroom. Like Harry Potter's cupboard, but a lot less cooler). Incredibly bent on getting a 32" one when his room would suit a 26" one fine. TVs now are only like $600, feel like getting one too but I don't even have cable haha.
Darrell bought a tv so that he can watch the World Cup...

AH YES. Guess who had to push the trolley with the tv in it?
"I was gonna say hahaha Darrell of course, but I really ended up pushing it because he couldn't see over the top of the box. FML"

Candy Doggy Missus Chan! (named by Darrell)





Darrell wanted to mount the tv on his wall, which basically involved a lot of manly frustrated grunts and him pretending he knew what he was doing. Which he clearly didn't, cause he used the wrong screw and I (weak, useless, lesser sex) figured it out in a minute.

11pm was too late for drilling already (this took some persuasion on my part) so we picked up Chris and went Serangoon Gardens (R.K. prata) and played L4D2 again. No life.
(This was a Saturday night)

HAHA sorry I was bored, did this while the alarm repairman came and whatever he was doing was disrupting my wireless so I couldn't go online.





I love my bookmarks! I've had them for a while, they are so cute. Plus they were only $2 from Daiso!

Haha Chris and I bought Aldous Huxley's Brave New World cause well, it's one of those famous must-read contemporary classics. I've first dibs cause SMU Law students have no life so he'd have no time to read it anyway. (By the way people keep asking me about SMU vs NUS and uni vs JC etc...) (Just know that if you go to SMU your social life/overall life will dwindle by at least half).

I've started reading it, it's pretty good so far. It has like 50 pages of foreword/introduction though so that was pretty useless -_-

Latest addition to my ring family, which came with the rest of my stuff from the spree. Everything looks way nicer in the online catalogue ugh.

Anyway like I said, the alarm repairman was here. I don't even think my house needs an alarm but whatever.
"FML either he's playing his phone's mp3 or his ringtone is Empire State of Mind."

Clash of The Titans is out today! Not that I care in the least, but all the guys are so excited for it because there's the Kraken or WHATEVER in it.
It's 1st April today though, so I think it'd be pretty funny if you get all these hyped-up, overexcited, unrefined, insensitive, hormone-driven dudes characteristic of the entire male population rushing up to the box office counter to buy tickets and the girl (it's always a girl) (natural opposite of all aforementioned characteristics) goes like,
"Clash of The Titans? Happy April Fools! It doesn't open till next week!"

Okay repairman gone, I can go back to sleep. Bye!

P.S. HAHA it's so funny when people send me the same question again going like "answer my question!!!"
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  1. your left hand has moles?

  2. i gotten formspring also. come ask me questions.

  3. hello sophie, i was wondering if you rmb sitting to next to me during our french MOELC lessons from sec1 to sec2? its been awhile you sure have grown taller! haha. cheers` -ralph

    HAHA JUST SAW THIS OMG RALPH I still have his graffiti interpretation of his name on my textbook somewhere oh gosh do you remember how we called him mushroom head because his haircut was so bad hehehehe hello ralph if you see this

  4. Sonia: Haha he had a mole in his hair!!

  5. Will: Yah 3 moles (in increasing order of size)

  6. u mean on his scalp?

  7. Will: Haha yeah he has a mole IN his hair! We never noticed till he cut his hair short one day.

  8. Anonymous12:59 PM

    hey! the ring's sold at local store for 11 SGD!