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Friday, July 02, 2010
Hi everyone I just got to my sister's place in Paris. My sister stays fairly near the Eiffel Tower so I asked the hotel staff how much cabfare would be and they said 20 to 25 Euros depending on traffic. So I was like... ick. That's expensive. I mean S$50 for taxi?! So... I attempted lugging my suitcase to the metro. Walked the length of the station and gave up. But in the end cabfare was only 13 Euros!





Anyway I did an interview with FunkyGrad AGES ago. Like sometime in... February? March? I can't remember whether I was even still with Rudy or not then. The editor wanted the theme to be Tech Gadgets so the interview was centered around that, not that I'm very techie and hence the theme. Basically what I mean is that they tried to make me some Tech Chick.

You can read the interview HERE.

I want to make a few disclaimers. I would say the interview you read is not THAT accurate. For example:

1) I am not even Year 2 -_- I am a Year 1 student. I mean I'm entering Year 2 next semester.

2) Seriously do not remember gushing that the galaxy projector I bought online "reminds me of my childhood days". In fact I don't think I ever had one before. And by the way I only just received my projector (like before I left for Europe) and er... it's not very good.

3) I DID NOT SAY THIS: "I put loads of photos on it, as do most girls who own blogs. But I don't photo-spam as I think that is overboard and unnecessary"
I know people are bound to say Oh you photo spam too blah blah hypocrite blah blah blah etcetera. I know for a fact that I DO post a lot of photos, what I said is that I try not to do just that? I mean you know how some blogs have like... 5 lines with 40 photos. Like just one caption going... "My phone very blink now! Loves." (btw it's bling not blink).

4) "Come on, get a life dude." I never use the word dude. But obviously that whole blog stalker part was about Will.

5) I know some of the poses in the photos are a bit... weird to say the least. Just note that I was told to pose like that and after that we agreed on it and the guy said ok he wouldn't post them butttttt... there they are. So yeah oh well.

Overall I'd say the rest of the interview was okay lah. I've had prior cases where my words were SERIOUSLY distorted (a.k.a during New Face) so this is pretty alright still.

P.S. Insanely annoying fringe partings in the FunkyGrad photos. If I could I'd rather not need to have a fringe at all but I have a high forehead ):

Alright gtg, getting up tomorrow to go to my sister's countryside house! (Weekdays they stay in the Paris apartment and weekends the house). At least I'll get to inaugurate one of my 4 new bikinis from H&M.
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