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Tuesday, October 05, 2010
Ugh I was going to blog but I can't find my camera cable! I've two (since both my current and previous cameras were Sony) so I leave one at my place and one at Alaric's, but I misplaced the one I supposedly have here at home ):

Grrr I promise to replace this lame waste of a post with an update tomorrow! In the meantime, go check out:

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  1. you look very expensive in those pictures.

  2. do you think you are more chio than tiffany hwang of SNSD? or instead you think she more chio?

  3. Anonymous2:04 PM

    A qn Sophie!
    What would you do if your clique suddenly excludes you from outings? No more bday celebs tgt, no lunches, no more hanging out, barely talking, awkward looks. As good as strangers. I feel so dejected and sad. They out hvg fun tgt and making new friends while im left alone. i think nth can fix it and nth even happened! We just dripted apart i suppose.
    what wld you do?


  4. Anonymous5:34 PM

    Wow, is that you in the first photo. U look so different, more European.

  5. Anonymous6:03 PM

    strappy heels from where in the 2nd pic? TIA!

  6. something about your arm's rigidity in the first photo annoys me. plus the photo is so badly photoshopped.

    1. your jaw looks weirder than it already is

    2. the background is not blurred out properly. some part is too intensified while the area between has been carelessy left out.

  7. Unnie: Funny. I don't know what rigidity you are talking about because my arm's just straight. Can't get any more rigid than doing NOTHING I guess.

    And by the way these photos are taken and edited (I'm quite sure it wasn't even photoshopped) by the SHOP OWNERS, so if you so vehemently disagree with the style, look them up. Although I don't see why they should care as long as they like it, and can decide to run their shop however they want.

    And who gives a shit if the background is badly blurred out or whatever? It looks fine to me. Are you a photographer? Even if you are, who cares? Because this isn't a photography blog, nor is this photo going into some photography contest RIGHT?!

    Who are you to judge me anyway? What, do you have the World's Best Chin Award? At least I have better things to do than leave anonymous comments on people's blogs about all these supposedly HIGHLY CRUCIAL faults in the photo.

  8. Anonymous: Well firstly did you do anything at all that might have warranted the treatment? Like maybe they felt you neglected them or changed or something? Because if there's a reason, you can actually talk to them about it.
    But if there isn't then they're just bitchy, and honestly about 90% of all your friends are and always be fair-weather friends (by your I mean for all of us too).
    I guess right now just ask them to go out and etc and see their reaction? If they say no but go out without you behind your back or something then they're just very bitchy and sadly there are a gazillion people who do these kind of things anyway.

    Anonymous: Haha I don't really like my eyes there.

    Anonymous: Hmm sorry it's the owner's shoes! Oh wait I think it might be Charles & Keith! I'm sure they'll have something similar anyway.

  9. Anonymous10:39 PM

    Soph you look gorgeous in both of the photos!
    On the contrary to unnie i think it's one of the best photos of you so far, you should try your hair like that sometime :)

    and hey haters will hate...

  10. Anonymous10:50 PM

    It's weird (in a good way though) how you look so different in all of your photos, like the Loreal one, the first clothes and people. You look like completely different people!!! Which is a good thing in the modelling industry right?I think all your photos are gorgeous!