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Samantha Vega at Zouk

Thursday, March 31, 2011
Doing a quick post on the launch... party? of Samantha Vega at Zouk last Saturday! Most of the pictures are ripped from Qiuting's blog because I never bother taking out my camera when I'm out with her haha.

Samantha Vega is now open at Isetan Orchard, in the basement!

Obviously Samantha Thavasa (located at Ion) and Samantha Vega are girly brands, so I always have in mind to wear nude or pink colours and lots of girls stuff.

Accessories on my left hand. The heart ring (it can be opened to put a photo inside!) and the cute colourful duck bracelet are both from Quite Qwerty. This Etsy store has lots of unique items, go see!

Since the event was at Zouk, we ate at one of the coffeeshops in the HDB opposite which we heard had renowned Hokkien Mee!
Qiuting and I went to Xiaxue's house first (mother far omg it's like if you roll a little too far out of bed you might topple right out of Singapore) so she saw we were both wearing nude/pinkish and picked a matching nude dress!
(Prepare for lots more boobage shots).


HAHAHAHA when Alaric saw this he laughed. Check out the false eyelashes Qiuting photoshopped unto me!

Alaric is super supportive of Qiuting lor... he "liked" her Budget Barbie Facebook page (obviously I did too) and when she was on Hot Seat he spammed her with so many questions that the system banned him for 10 minutes hahahaha.

Bunny? Too bad Qiuting didn't take a picture of her removing her Invisalign braces. I can never NOT stare when someone does that haha.

Pork chop in pumpkin sauce! It's really good!

We were ushered up to the Members area at Zouk Main, which smelt really weird :S time for them to reupholster again. Kind of sad how they have to keep doing it because of people puking haha.


The polaroid Qiuting decorated. Wahlewz we just ate and she can think of nothing better than to stick so a whole bunch of food on it!

Here's mine ^^:

The rest left around 10pm (with one very red Qiuting, despite the fact that she had vair vair vair little to drink - to think I wanted to buy her drinks - fail!) and I was stuck waiting at Zouk for Alaric to reach.

Went to spy on Sherry chopping people for entry but she was so busy so we couldn't talk. Just stood there and watched her like some creepy stalker o.O major uncool to be loitering around alone at Zouk for 30 minutes haha.

Finally Alaric picked me up and we headed to Cineleisure for a movie...

Another picture of my duckie bracelet! I kind of like these kind of cutesy bracelets, like I how I have this Pacman one and had to stop myself from buying a gummy bear version! I mean the charms look a little like those we used to have on our jellyish shoes when we were 5 years old.

This is me sitting at... Old Town Coffee or whatever it's called? Dress from Clothes & People. Anyway the food was just alright, no idea why it's so insanely crowded.

Movies I've watched recently:
World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles - good!
Lincoln Lawyer - meh... quite interesting but plot's unrealistic/unexplained (Matthew McConaughey's still hot though)
Sucker Punch - MAJOR MEHHHHH!

Sucker Punch... I mean seriously the moment it opened - with this blonde girl in pigtails and kiddy pyjamas 2 sizes too small; supposedly crying but wearing the thickest and longest false eyelashes I've ever seen (not to mention 3 tonnes of eye makeup)... I knew it was going to be bad.

The most interesting was probably thinking to myself how desperate for roles Vanessa Hudgens must be (I don't like her cos she has/had Zac Efron) because in this show she's not even a substantial supporting actress. Plus she d.i..e...s (you looked, not my fault).

I have to design a poster NOW to discourage athletes from doping. Oh woe is me, the fate of the Olympics lie on my severely un-muscled shoulders (doctor said so). No not really, it's just for my Drugs and Society module. Kbai!
8 comments on "Samantha Vega at Zouk"
  1. Sarah3:53 AM

    Hi Sophie:) I don't have a formspring account so I'm just gonna comment here. It's irritating to see so many people getting so heated up with your personal habit. We developed amthe habit of brushing teeth in the morning BECOS we were forced to do that for at least a year in primary school? Maybe Sophie didn't study in Sg when she was young, I don't know. Whatever it is, brushing teeth in the morning is not a must. You people follow it strictly only becos you were told to do so! So why are you reading this comment when you are told to study? Dumbass...

  2. Anonymous7:05 PM

    omg xiaxue doesnt look like that in real life, i saw her the other day and she was short and not half as good looking as she is in photos. Hmm, over photoshopped perhaps? To be honest, she's quite fat too IRL and fat and short doesnt really go :S

  3. Anonymous10:24 PM

    Haha!! @Sarah
    I dont brush my teeth in the morning too unless I need to get out of the house... Why so worked up? What's this all about? ;p

  4. haha what vanessa dies?!!!! jk! i don't like her either.. but because her acting is horrible!

    p.s. you looked mega cute at the zouk thingy!

    i really enjoy reading your blog (and appreciate your correct grammar and broad range of vocabulary haha).. it's kinda funny how i encountered it.. from michelle phan to wendy chang to sophie! haha :D

  5. Sarah: Haha you can still comment at my FS, and include your name in it if you like!
    I didn't know Primary schools forced kids to do it o.O I came here in P3, don't recall being forced ever.
    I think it's true though that most people don't realise it's mostly just a social norm rather than any real concern about Omg muz keep my teeth clean to prevent cavities.

    Anonymous: Xiaxue is not slim, but she's not fat. And it depends, I'd say she's one of those girls that looks considerably better with makeup, so I've no idea what state you saw her in. I find her quire pretty with makeup? And then again, lots of girls look 50x prettier WITH makeup, that is what it's for.

    Sharithstar: Lol people are appalled that I only brush once a day.

    Karina: Haha it was quite funny cause I read the trivia about the movie; Vanessa Hudgens was quoted as saying that people don't think she can do an action movie but she's like, Hey look! I'm doing one now!
    And like... puhleeze Sucker Punch is NOT going to be impressive on her portfolio. Esp when you she's a supporting, supporting actress, and she gets killed off lol.

    Anyway thank you for the compliments (: And haha yeah from Michelle Phan is a pretty long way off!!!

  6. Anonymous5:35 PM

    Hey Sophie

    What course are you taking in FASS? Haha random question, just curious! :)

  7. Anonymous6:01 PM

    Hi sophie, may i know what lip colour you're wearing in the pictures here? :)

  8. Anonymous: Sociology! (:

    Anonymous: Mmm it's a light pink lipstick from Shu Uemura, then a pink gloss by MAC (dazzleglass series)! Sorry I don't have the names with me right now :/