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Selling Post!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Click on the tab above, titled "Selling" (woah genius) to see the items! This post is soooo overdue that I feel weird to even post it, but I do need to clear items.

Was going to make a more extensive collage so that I can pretend that I'm like a blogshop owner :D but I got lazy. I don't even understand the point of studio+DSLR shoots. We used the DSLR of Alaric's friend and the files were so massive. It was such a pain resizing them!

So yes anyway I plonked some random cute images on the 4 photos above and even put a date so that it looks like I'm "launching" a collection although it's actually already posted. Ooh yes I am taking this mock-blogshop thing seriously!

Prices are slightly negotiable but please be reasonable!

Also, do NOT email me multiple times asking for a reply. The item might be pending or I'm not free to check your payment. I mean seriously, if you transferred correctly then the money is definitely there and I'm not going to mail the item out without checking.
I have encountered situations before in which the girl emails me at e.g. 4pm saying she paid, and then emails me again at 6pm asking if I've verified it yet...

Okay I digressed. Buy my stuff! :)
P.S. Meet-ups available, but only if it's at NUS!
2 comments on "Selling Post!"
  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Wah! All your stuff damn nice:)
    Must look through again properly.
    I like your black dress. Hehe!

  2. Chrissy11:45 PM

    Just a note to tell you that you did a really great job on the selling post! Really well laid out and your rings are HOT.