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Tuesday, June 14, 2011
When Alaric saw the photo he was like, "why aren't you wearing any pants?!" (taken in the privacy of my own room; I just bought a tripod for my camera!)
I didn't expect that it'd be so short on me, I definitely have to wear this with leggings or something haha. I'm also not usually the "type" (whatever that means) to wear cutesy cartoon prints, but I liked this!

Modeled for Kyer's new online store!

They have all your favourite things this summer - chiffon, mustard, tan, beige, polka dots...

If you follow me on Twitter (why aren't you?!), you'd have seen my tweet saying I have a stye! I don't know if it's obvious in the Daisy picture above but if I looked closely at myself I could see one eye being smaller than the other due to my double eyelid being swollen.

Anyway myths about peeking at boys or whatever aside, styes are actually caused by the inflammation of an eyelash! The last time this happened to me (2007), I managed to identify the eyelash (base looks different, is also at the center of the swell) and plucked it out. I also proceeded to squeeze pus out and it was a really, really painful process!

Why I bothered was because the stye developed on the morning of a shoot. Suay max:
(This was for L'Oreal haircare; in a little booklet that came with Cleo).
Can you see that my left (meaning the right of the picture) eye looks weird? The eye doesn't slope/curve normally; it's sudden and straight because the eyelid was swollen at that part.

Anyway if you happen to develop a stye, you CAN try plucking out the eyelash. But obviously... you might not find the right one! Your best bet is to just put ice over the swell (it helps!) and keep your eye area especially clean (avoid makeup obviously, although actually I've never found it to become worse with makeup).

And below is me finally testing out image editing software apps on my Itouch!

Done with iDarkroom.

Done with 美图秀秀. Looks like snow! Or very, very bad dandruff haha.
(I have no idea what the Chinese characters mean, I just copied it from Xiaxue's blogpost and downloaded it myself!)

Anyway I have a camera so I never cared to take photos with my Blackberry or iTouch. And mine's just an iTouch (not iPhone) so... I cannot really be bothered to take and edit the photos because I'd have to transfer them over/connect to my house wireless.

Ok debating whether to go out and buy brownie mix now to ~attempt~ brownies again since my previous batch failed miserably (IKR, I'm not even making them from scratch haha).
5 comments on "Candy"
  1. Anonymous3:15 PM

    Betty Crocker's brownie mix? If the brownie is overcooked or undercooked, you can try baking it for 5 minutes less than the time taken on the packaging, and then use a toothpick and insert into the brownie. If the toothpick comes out clean, the brownie is done :) If it's not, you just increase the temperature slightly and bake :D

  2. Anonymous2:53 AM

    You look so cute in the Daisy top! I thought Alaric would think you look cute too but then after that thought i saw that you wrote he asked why you not wearing any pants, haha. & didn't know a stye's actually because of inflammation of an eyelash, good information :).

  3. Anonymous: Yep Betty Crocker's! Haha in the end we had to aga-aga because my stove is very strong and it tends to burn the top before the inside cooks, even when we're following the instructed temperature.
    We tried again and it's successful this time!! We had to check it every 5-10mins lol.

    Anonymous: Haha thank you dear (: I dunno if my bf still finds that I look "cute" lol I think I'm not cute to him anymore because it's been a year haha.

    If you ever get a stye you can Google info on it too! Lotsa home remedies. Going to a doctor is quite unnecessary! Mine go away in 3 days? But that time my friend's lasted for like 2 week! :o

  4. Wow you look so different in the Loreal ad haha didn't even know it was you -_-

  5. Anonymous2:04 AM

    love u in the photoshoot. you look so much better with more flesh on. eat more girl!