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Sunday, June 12, 2011
Nothing much to blog about recently... kind of ironic I guess, since I'm on holidays and should theoretically be doing lots of stuff every day.

Just going to do a random re-cap on some stuff this week:

1) Went for 3 blogshop shoots - Polkadotpigs, Labellevita (first collection, so it's not up yet) and Tracyeinny.

2) Played mahjong, lost $2 then won $25, so a net profit of $23 haha. My luck with pinghu was so good that night! Usually I always kena flower halfway. This time I won 3 pinghus within 2 winds, and all with zimo!
(I'm sorry if you know nothing about mahjong... a little complicated to explain it here)

3) Downloaded 11 iTouch games. I've escaped from a haunted house, started a pet hotel, caught turtles... you get the gist.

And now 3 random facts:

1) I love apples. They're my favourite fruit. I could eat them almost every day. Naturally I like apple juice too. I also love cherries, mangoes and papaya. Cherries come in a very close second behind apples, while I'd say mangoes and papaya share spot 3 quite equally.

2) I have 2 earholes on my left earlobe - one of them was an accident. My ears were pierced with needles as a baby when we were still living in Egypt. When I was... 7 (I think), we wanted to get it pierced again properly since naturally they close up easily at that age. We were in San Francisco then, and the girl manning the store used the normal piercing gun, and missed. So I wound up with 2 earholes. Today only one can be used.

3) This is how I look like without makeup:
It was never exactly a secret. I mean come on, my archives of 2006 to 2008 (SAJC days) are there for you to browse through, and I had a post last year makeup-less (Bobbi Brown workshop). I just didn't see why I should do it just because some anonymous person asks me to.

If a total stranger (with an anonymous identity) asked you to change your Facebook profile picture to one of you without makeup (assuming you normally do wear makeup), would you do it?! It's not because you want to hide it, but why should you?! You normally wear makeup for a reason no? -> because you feel it makes you look better. So a faceless person insists you should show them your makeup-less photo, and you owe that to them?! What rubbish.

Anyway I took that picture quite a while ago, which is why I still have orange hair in it haha. I asked Qiuting and Wendy the other day if I look very different without makeup, and they said not really, but maybe more tired? (I think I look pretty dead without makeup too).
If you guys think I look horrendous and should stick my face in an eyeshadow palette... then well *shrugs* I swear by eyeliner!
11 comments on "Random Facts"
  1. You look gorgeous even without makeup! I have tonnes of my makeup-less pics on my blog but still use one with makeup on for my FB. Cos we all wanna be pretty, right? xP

  2. Anonymous1:45 AM

    Can u name ur itouch games? I'm super bored and wanna play some games too :)

  3. You look dead pretty without makeup! *__*

    Haha! Next time some random jealous anon asks you why you wear "so much" makeup and goes "bet you wouldn't dare posting a makeup-less picture of your face", ask them why they wear clothes and set them a dare too!! ;)

  4. Anonymous1:23 PM

    Hi! I remembered you mentioned in your past posts that you trade-in your old camera and top up some $ for your current camera. Do you still have the contact details ?

    Thank you, have a great weekend ahead :)

  5. Isabel: Haha yeah I mean it's just like how people screen their FB pics and put up the nicer ones as their profile ones right?

    Anonymous: Hotel Dash, Diner Dash, Plants vs Zombies, Pet Hotel, Buddy Rush, Antrim Escape, Office Chaos, Pig Shot, Birzzle, Gelato Mania...

    M: Thank you (: photobooth low-res lah; tends to make people look good haha

    Anoymous: Hey dear I didn't go to a special shop that allows trade-in or something, it was a promotion done by Sony itself (my current cam is a Sony one) so it applied from Harvey Norman to obscure Sim Lim shops.
    I saw on the higher floors of Sim Lim that there are stores that buy/sell laptops, MP3s, cameras etc so you could try there?

  6. Anonymous8:25 AM

    Thank you :)

  7. Anonymous12:09 PM

    pls. you had concealer under your eyes. your eyebags are like knn obvious

  8. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Honestly, you alrdy look good without makeup. Just like you said, you look more tired without makeup but nevertheless you alrdy look pretty without it :).

  9. Anonymous: Believe whatever you want lah, might as well say I'm wearing mascara and blusher too? And what do my eyebags have to do with anything?! They're there, exactly the same regardless of whether I have makeup on or not.

    Anonymous: Haha thank you (: but since I'm out of JC and have the option of makeup, naturally I rather wear it so I look like tired haha.

  10. Anonymous10:18 PM

    Honestly you still look really pretty without make up. Some people don't even look half as good as you with makeup on.. AND you don't even need to use large-eye contacts and all that crap. Lucky girl :)

  11. Anonymous10:24 AM

    You look very beautiful and pretty without makeup! You don't even need it! Haha. Shouldn't use makeup often cuz it ages your skin. So be sure to take care!