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Wednesday, July 20, 2011
Hello! :D In case you hadn't noticed *points at sidebar banner*, I have a nail sponsor!

Milly's! If you were wondering (I did), the owner's name is actually Emily haha.

Far East Plaza #03-129
6737 6723

Bugis Village
Level 2 & 3
Enter Bugis Village by the big main alley (on the right of the food stall), go up the escalator which will be on your right. Turn left and walk to the end. Easy!
Booking/Enquiries: 8383 5395
6338 4137

And this is what I got:

These are actually EXTENSIONS! :D

I've never managed to grow my nails long before this because mine break easily so I'm amazed at these!

I know they don't actually look that long (compared to most girls' extensions) but that's the good part! Because they're extensions, you can choose how long or what kind of shape you want them to be!

Since I'm not used to long nails I asked for a shorter length (the manicurist was quite surprised but obliged) but you can opt for longer ones!

I vaguely picked a flowery design from the examples they had available - my camera's battery died so I couldn't take pictures ):

I said I wanted peach/nude tones and that's the design that the manicurist improvised with!

It's actually been a week since I did my extensions and I'm so amazed at their durability! For me my nails + nail polish used to last like, 3 days. I'm looking at my nails now and they look the same as the day I walked out of the Bugis outlet!

And for me the best part is that...

They make my hands look older and more feminine! I'm serious, many people have made the same remark.

I have pretty small hands and feet for someone my height/build (I'm a UK4/Eur 37 which is the size of most girls who are 155-165cm, while I'm 173cm).

But not only do I have small, child-like hands, my fingers are freaking CHUBBY. My nails are very small (seriously, you have to see my pinkie) so when I paint my nails they basically look like the same hands I had when I was 6 years old (and vain)!

The extensions make my fingers look longer while the design is super girly! So happy!

If you don't want to opt for extensions (Gel/Acrylic), they do have other types of manicures including the new and super popular GELISH! Don't forget to pamper your toes with a pedicure too!

Aside from nail services, Milly's also does hair and eyelash extensions! :D

❤ ❤ 

And right now Milly's is working with Qiuting to raise funds for Gentle Paws, which is a dog shelter that takes in homeless dogs. Most of these dogs are actually mongrels, which aren't popular for adoptions but deserve a good home too! The life of a stray dog is tough and the shelter is the best they have, but maintaining 40+ dogs requires a lot of time and money.

They have a Sponsor-A-Dog program where you can contribute an entirely arbitrary amount of money a month to care for a specific dog and you can opt out of it at any time.

In the meantime, Milly's is sponsoring vouchers to help raise funds because recently Gentle Paws went through a scare where they realised their food supplies for the dogs were really running very low...

And the vouchers are:


For the extensions it means you will be entitled to a bunch (of 10 strands). It will basically look like highlights!

Both of these services are usually worth $10 each, but you can choose to pay any amount you want!

❤ ❤ 

Sadly Qiuting has been telling me about some of the amounts people have offered to pay...

I know that the ideal would be to plan something that can benefit both parties - the dog shelter and the donor. And in this case I think it does! It's a really good idea by Qiuting + Milly!


With an original value of $10, how much do you think you should pay for it? Hey, you actually GET something out of donating money (and it's not a -let's admit it- useless badge/bookmark/etc).

Do you think $0.10 is enough?! Do you think this is Groupon?! Where the hell do you think you can even get 99% off manicure/hair extension services normally?!

I just thought about this: Singpost's cheapest stamp is $0.05. The most common stamp is the $0.20 one. Is Qiuting's cost of mailing the voucher out to you, MORE than your "donation"?

And get this: there are people who contacted Qiuting saying they'll pay _____ (insert insanely pitiful sum) (no seriously the amount is so small you will be shocked) for XX number of vouchers, to SELL FOR THEIR OWN PROFIT.

I mean, wow. Stunned.

❤ ❤ 

So let me repeat, the original value is $10. You can pay more, or less. *no pressure* Seriously, you can pay less than $10, that's fine! But you ARE getting something out of it so be reasonable and don't take advantage of the situation :(

"A lot of people put hope in this" (Qiuting). A lot of dogs too!

Milly didn't offer to sponsor entirely complimentary vouchers so that a whole bunch of girls can get free/almost free nail or hair services.
She did it so that homeless dogs can go to bed at night with a full belly and wake up the next day in a safe place where they won't be hurt.

How to donate:

1. Internet/ATM transfer to POSB Savings 198-66799-4 (Gentle Paws' account).
2. Take a screenshot/picture of the transaction and email with your mailing address!

Don't forget your mailing address! And the picture/screenshot!

*The vouchers are valid till the end of the year so you have time to use them!*

For your reference, THIS is Qiuting's original blog post on the vouchers (but you have to scroll down quite far LOL).

Gentle Paws Facebook (updates on need for volunteers, etc)
Milly's Hair Lashes Nails Facebook (ask questions, see examples of designs etc)

Milly's provides good services! So give yourself and the dogs a treat! 

P.S. Qiuting can't be fierce with the cheapos emailing her so I'm being fierce on her behalf! If you're not offering her something ridiculous like $0.10 then she'll have nothing to be complaining to me about :D
P.P.S. Was wearing green contact lens + false eyelashes because of a shoot! Pictures when the magazine comes out.
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  1. Amanda1:38 PM

    are you frigging serious? paying $0.10??????? wow, that's totally LOW!

  2. Anonymous3:37 PM

    Dont mind my asking but what brand are those contacts you've got on and whereabouts can one go about purchasing some?

  3. Anonymous10:53 PM

    The contacts look great on you! The lip make-up however is badly done :/

  4. OMG!!! <33333 Thank you!!!!!!

  5. Anonymous4:36 PM


  6. Amanda: Yeah and the one that asked for the bulk order to sell off is an even more ridiculous amount.

    Anonymous: It was Freshkon!

    Anonymous: Haha might just be because I already got a drink or something!

  7. Anonymous: Nonsense, there are only 5 photos of me, 2 out of which you can only see half my face -_- Anyway, your point is?

  8. Anonymous11:50 AM

    hi! do you mind doing a tutorial for your high hair bun? it looks extremely gorgeous but Ive no idea how to tie tht :(

  9. Anonymous9:41 PM

    maybe they could take down some particulars before selling them the vouchers. so that people would be conscious and think before they do stupid things.