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Road Trip: Genting

Monday, July 11, 2011
At 11.45pm on a Saturday night, *BBM received*

Addie: What are you doing?
Me: Nothing. We're at a friend's place, but doing nothing.
Addie: Wanna go Genting?

So began an impromptu trip up to Genting! Had to go home to get all our respective passports and buy snacks for the drive up! We finally reached Tuas Checkpoint at 2am, getting lost just trying to find the PIE to get there. Great way to start haha.

The drive up takes around 4hours, depending how fast you drive! The plan was to drive up and just stay awake the whole way (possibly get a hotel room if we were really tired), and then drive back down to Singapore on Sunday itself.

Addie's boyfriend Caleb drove the whole way there and the whole way back without any sleep at all! Madness. We were all ready to take over the wheel if he got tired, but he was fine and he didn't even get to nap whereas we did (in the car).

So anyway we reaching Genting at 6.30am. Was hit with a massive wave of tiredness at 10am, but after it passed it was actually fine. Left Genting at 1.30pm; reached Singapore at 6pm!

Filling up immigration forms at Tuas Checkpoint.

Starting the drive up! It's pretty much just one straight expressway all the way North.

Hahaha who wants a Sand Wish? Can I just have a wish? How about a hot doX?

That's me with spectacles! I wore contact lens in the beginning, but had prepared spectacles and contact lens solution because I knew my eyes would be dying. Anyway it always feels horrid to nap with contact lens on.

????? Hahahaha. This was in the common Genting toilet. I guess a lot of people don't bother getting rooms.


HAHAHAHA. Some free membership they make you get if you want to enter certain parts of the casino (like the more "VIP" parts). LOL at Alaric's face (taken on the spot) and at "Alariac".

Alaric and Addie!

Sat on this, which is pretty much Genting Theme Park's newest and main attraction. Very... meh. The biggest drop is the one you see at the top in the middle. We sat there watching other people take it after us. Girls sometimes still screamed a little, but if it were guys they would be soundless throughout the entire ride haha.

The biggest and cheapest hotel at Genting.

Haha went for the fish spa! I actually did a full body one in Korea so this wasn't scary to me at all (Addie chickened out).
Okay and by full body I mean that it'll be this really huge shallow pool and everyone wears swimsuits in it (obviously) and you basically kinda slouch/lie down, so you're covered up to the neck or chest area.
The fish still go to the usual areas where there's the most wear and tear anyway, so it'll be your feet (obviously) and your knees, elbows and hands.

The fish at this spa were HUGE though (compared to normal fish spa ones). I mean usually they're really tiny, kinda like the same size as those you see in drains. These looked like they could be in a fish tank or pond.

Super ticklish! Took a little getting used to, especially when I HATE people/anything touching my feet.

P.S. My leggings are rolled up.

Still going "omg so ticklish!" and trying to control myself and not pull out my feet!

Om nom nom nom time.


See how greedy they look?! Mouths all :o waiting for food! Isn't it daunting? Since you're technically the "food" haha.


Haha Caleb getting a shoulder massage. I got one too while my feet soaked in the fish spa (some package deal), kinda painful!

Lunch! Lousy noodles but really yummy duck meat! And I always get tricked into ordering some weird herbal drink at Chinese restaurants... The description always sounds super nice like longan in red tea or something and I'm expecting like fresh longans but it turns out to be yet another herbal drink. Sigh.

The drive back! Napped like 3 hours straight in fairly deep sleep (considering it's in a car and it's daytime).

Was kinda sleepy after getting back to Singapore, but I knew it would be retarded to go to sleep right after dinner because I'd probably just wake up at 5am or something. Slept at midnight instead! Thought I'd wake up at 10am or something (like the people you... only read about in fairytales) but no, I still got up after lunch haha.

Oh and we saw a Singaporean in a Lamborghini! He is clearly ignoring all warnings about flashy cars getting carjacked.
On the way up I kept thinking about what I'd do if we got attacked haha.

Like ok I was thinking I should definitely go for the eyes (poke them, in terms of strength obviously girls can't compete so no point punching or whatnot) to momentarily blind them if I can (like sneak up *stealth mode* behind them).

But I was thinking like, what if he has a knife and I manage to get it from him (after poking his eyes), what would I do?!?! I can't imagine stabbing him or something just for a robbery. I mean of course he may have every intention to kill and/or rape us (boys included hahahaha) but what if he's just a robber??? Doesn't deserve death/grievous hurt no?

I guess just wave the knife menacingly in his face haha.

Anyway... doesn't seem very dangerous leh. Just stick to major expressways and stop only at well-lit and big rest areas? We only stopped once at night; the place had a pretty big food court too so there were other people.

Ok going to sleep nao! I painstakingly put this post together with a combination of Blogger + Photobucket photos and a lot of manual HTML editing. Sianz.
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