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EXU Clothes Buffet

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Keep your Saturday free because it's the Exu Clothes Buffet again! :D

And here's a preview of just some of the many items you will be able to get:
T-shirt, dress and denim shorts all from EXU!

Bodycon skirt (with scallop edge at the top), fringe back tank and denim shorts.

Floaty leopard maxi and cute hearts cardigan!

And you know what? Milly's 2 outlets are super nearby! One is right beside EXU while another is just one floor down. So before/after your turn at the buffet, why not go and do your nails? :)

This Milly's is on the 2nd floor (just one escalator down from EXU).

Did Gelish this time round! I'm getting one gel nail extension on my left thumb because my nail broke lol.

Some glitter nail colours they have, and my completed thumb with Gelish gold glitter gradient!

This is at the Milly's located on the 3rd floor, which is beside EXU!

And below are my completed Gelish nails, with my hamster whored out as a prop hahaha.

See? Gelish is super long-lasting and durable, but you can still get nail designs!


Super sparkly and shiny in real life!
(Wound on my pinkie is not a hamster bite ok, Hamlet ♥s me *thick-skinned*)


Hamlet says GOODBAI! :D

Saturday 3rd September
#03-22 Bugis Street

Email to register for a slot at the buffet!

For nails,
8383 5395
6338 4137

Milly's Facebook, where you can ask questions and see more previews for the clothes at the EXU buffet!

Seventeen Magazine

Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Thought I should get round to posting this up before the month of August ends haha.

So anyway my blog and I were in the August issue of Seventeen magazine (: I'm also in the September issue but I'll post that another time (and I dislike the picture lol).

Some readers thought this was funny because of the "Will"-owy -_- hahahaha.

Ok anyway I think wide-legged jeans aren't that nice...


I'm not a fashion blogger of course, and I mentioned this many times to the Seventeen correspondents, especially when questions like "favourite fashion icons?" or "fashion inspiration" came up!

But anyway this issue was in the month of our National Day so that's why they wanted to feature some local blogs (:


Didn't really know what to answer to the questions because I'm not a niche blogger (e.g. photography, fashion, food...) so there's really no actual "reason" why anyone should visit my blog hahaha.

And I mean I never started a blog wanting to "share my passion for fashion" (ooh it rhymes) or something to that extent.

My first blog was way back in 2005 ( is not my first URL... was *hides face*) and that was simply because it was fun and everyone had one!

We'd go round commenting on each others' tagboards, having "clique" blogskins...
My blogskin themes then (self-designed) ranged from Barbie dolls to giraffes and fruits -_-"
Yeah the fruit one was a "clique" skin hahaha. Meaning everyone in my group had fruits for their blogskins.

Kind of weird that my blog is still around now. It's a whopping 5 years + later!

Shopping time!

Friday, August 26, 2011
Hello! My upcoming weekend is pretty packed ):

Today Alaric and I are gonna be doing runway (hahaha) at Zouk for this charity event called Model for Hope - Wear Your Heart Out.

And tomorrow I'm having a booth at a flea with Qiuting! :D Details below.

Got my ring bulb replaced for $80 ): So expensive (a whole set is $160-$220 maybe?) Plus the shopkeeper said by right they last AGES, and that they've never sold the bulb alone before. I don't know why mine spoilt suddenly ):

A special night flea market! :D

Friday: 6pm to 12am
Saturday: 2pm to 12am

It will be located at the Singapore Art Museum; the nearest MRT would be Circle Line's Bras Basah (like very near) but Cityhall is within walking distance too (:

It's in conjunction with the Night Festival 2011, so there'll be light installations and art exhibits as well!

I will only be there on SATURDAY, do drop by! ♥

Took some photos while packing:

Haha recognise the dress I wore for one of my birthday dinners (2nd from right)?

Anyway I won't be there from 2pm because 10hours of flea-ing is quite insane to me hahaha, I don't think I'd have enough to sell!

And after all, it is an evening/night flea! :D So I'll probably go down at maybe 5pm? Your best bet would be to come around late evening or after dinner.

But anyway if you're there early, there should be lots of stalls to check out anyway! (And I bet Qiuting will definitely be spoiling the market for me by selling her stuff at dirt cheap prices lol).
So see you if I see you! (:


Tuesday, August 23, 2011
My ring light actually blew a fuse... Super FML moment. Was very annoyed because I needed to take pictures and had already done my makeup!

♥ ♥ ♥

So anyway I went for Churp Churp's first community event!

For those who may not know, Churp Churp is like the Twitter version of Nuffnang -> you can tweet/FB ads and be paid for it!

All you have to do is connect your Twitter and/or Facebook account (only my Twitter is connected) and start sharing!

Me on the right beside Brad (food blogger Ladyironchef)(yes it's a guy hahaha people always think it's a woman because of the name) being made to do some game!

Random photo of Qiuting in front of my... pants.

The theme that day was about magic tricks!

Too bad I didn't get a photo; the magician folded a paper rose for me, lit it on fire and POOF! a real rose appeared! :DDD

He also played a lot of tricks on me... and I was the only one in the room who didn't know what was going on ): took me damn long to get it hahaha #uncool.

With Qiuting and Brad! No idea why Qiuting is squatting since both Brad and I aren't exactly short haha.

Hehe and with our Churpie plushies!

Jessica and Sam baked yummy cupcakes for the event! I'm so sad that she lives in Simei/Changi... which is like... super far (you have to self-collect cakes/cupcakes).


Went to eat with Brad and Qiuting after that! Despite having the famed Ladyironchef with us... we ate at Burger Shack hahaha. Which is ok but not like... food-review-worthy you know?
(I'm talking as if I've actually eaten at Burger Shack before, which umm... in fact I haven't hahaha). I didn't eat because I already had lunch.

Here we were taking sample shots because Brad (bigass DSLR) and Qiuting (semipro) wanted to prove how much shittier my camera's pictures were :(

So we all took the same photo of Qiuting with the respective cameras and... Ok fine the disparity is quite large.

My Churpie plushie and... Churpie thumbdrive-keychain!

I'm far more excited about the thumbdrive really. I don't actually need or use one (the only one I have is a miserable 128MB one haha) but... So cute! And its capacity is 2GB! Quite impressive no? (to me lah)

Hehe you pluck off Churpie's body to reveal the USB thingy, so you'll have Churpie's head sticking out the side of your laptop!

I'm trying to find some reason to use it but sadly I have no files or people to transfer things to )': Why is life so hard?
Ok goodbai.

Tuzki Bunny Emoticon
Oh yeah. Uh-huh.


Monday, August 22, 2011
So the other day I ventured out into the *gasp* sun to take some pictures...


Secondly, with all your fancy dresses you still need... gorgeous heels!

Trivia: One of the owners is an ex-schoolmate of mine from St Margaret's! :D

And to end it off, a random picture of me taken by Qiuting that turned out pretty nice ^^

Too bad my hair looks a bit too overpowering and bushy, and the setting is weird lol (like me holding the cotton bud in my hand - to soak up blood, not because I was digging my ears haha).

Considering using it as my new Twitter profile picture... Ok I shall!

Birthday Dinners

Sunday, August 21, 2011
The final continuation of my 21st birthday! :D

The day after Velvet my mom organised a family dinner. We figured a catered buffet would be easier, and did it at my uncle's printing shop. My mom's logic was that the food table could be put in the corridor so we don't need to worry about all my nieces and nephews dropping food everywhere on the floor lol.

Haha my mom forgot to get a cake so we went out to buy one that day, and the cake shop near our place absolutely refused to do ANY form of decoration on it unless it's ordered 3 days in advance -_- Like "Happy Birthday" also refuse to write. Sheesh.

Some of my cousins (all the older ahem.. adults) and my nieces/nephews (the small kids)!
My mom is the youngest of 7 children and she married quite late, so the gap between my cousins and I is massive haha. I have nephews and nieces OLDER than me lol.

With my mom!

(I'm always camera-ready)


So on the day of my birthday itself... (25th July, Monday)

It began quite mundane-ly really. I got up early to collect my French passport since the embassy seems to cease all operations after lunch hahaha.

Met Qiuting for lunch, went home and... rotted? Fell asleep? Can't even remember. Sadly turning 21 isn't as phenomenal as it's made out to be.

Alaric brought me out for dinner at night at Spruce, which I had been wanting to try! Spruce is located somewhere in between Tanglin Road and Alexandra Road.



Hehe he got me flowers! :D


Wine "cellar" on the left; all art pieces/photographs on the wall are also available for purchase.

Note the olives for snacking. Seriously, who even eats olives? I only know like a single person alive who would ingest an olive (my dad) and even so he would stop after eating 2.
Haha do any of y'all eat olives???

This is what I wanted to try! Tomato/pumpkin soup (I can't remember). Yummy!

Alaric's steak. Think it was not too bad but not as good as my...

Duck meat pasta! I know it looks quite gross here... But it's really good! Anyone going to Spruce should try it!

Haha the floor was slanted, so 6 out 7 shots looked weird. This was the most passable.




Close-up of the bouquet.

So that was it! Feels sordidly uninteresting to turn 21. When you were younger being 21 was like, becoming THE adult. Always imagined 21 year olds to be mature and smart and well-traveled (or about to)... like they could take on the world hahaha.

It's like how now I still imagine working women to be in a whole, inexplicable dimension of their own with bosses, 9 to 5s, monthly pays, strict A-line skirts and blazers... but in reality that's where I'm going to be in 2 years (assuming I get a job) (optimism) :o unfathomable.

I'm so scared to grow up! After school we enter 4 decades of a daily grind in out in out to put food on the table and money in the bank; whatever's left after paying off the monthly debt repayments...

Being young is when you have the most fun no? Where everything is new. Where you have the most to look forward to because you keep thinking that with each stage you attain (13, 16, 18, 21) it'll open a whole new world of adventures.

But you get to the end and you're like :o Omg. I'm at the end. What did I do with the last few years? Was this what I thought it would be like when I was 7 years old playing grown-up with my Barbie dolls? Back then, being 21 was a mysterious, untouchable world; just like how the working world is for me now.

So this shall be my second year of being 20 years old. Kthanx goodbai.