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Bangkok Haul Video

Friday, August 12, 2011
Hello! Since some people have been saying that they can't view my photos (it's fine for me, but I have noticed missing/broken pictures on other blogs or blogshops), I thought I'd upload a video!

I actually went to Bangkok at the end of June so... yeah this is pretty overdue.

WARNING: There is quite a bit of background noise )':

P.S. I say "another thing I got" a lot :x

I actually paid 15USD for a new version of iMovie and tried to remove the static, but most of it is still there!

I looked at some older videos (I use my Mac's Photobooth) and they seemed better.
The video is also a little choppy because I recorded it in sections - Photobooth likes to bug out on me and not record the audio, so if it's in parts at least re-recording is easier.

If you're thinking, Why Not Use Your Camera? Well I did! But the amount of noise my camera picked up was even worse!

I think it's because my Mac is quite old (2008) so there's always this "whirring" sound, as if it were running tons of high-intensity programs (which it totally isn't). I've had the cooling fan checked but apparently it's fine :/

Anyway before I get asked,


1. Platinum Mall
This is your famous wholesale mall, where a lot of local shopkeepers and Singaporean blogshop owners go to for stock.
Normal shoppers can buy items too. If you buy more than 1 item it'll be cheaper, and the good thing is that they can be of different designs!
- You can try haggling if you're buying >1 item

2. Union Mall
This is still quite an unknown gem, as compared to Platinum or Chatuchak.
This mall is kind of like a Thai version of Far East Plaza with lots and lots of little shops in a messy layout.
The basement and 1st floor is mostly food.
The normal clothing shops are the 2nd and 3rd floors while the top floor houses the more eclectic, self-designed pieces by aspiring Thai designers (and are hence more expensive, but worth a look if you want quality and uniqueness).
- Not as much haggling here, but starting prices are usually reasonable and stated on signs

3. Chatuchak (also known as JJ Market)
Only open on weekends!
Crazy, open-air market that sells everything and anything (food, furniture, pets, art...). The clothes section stretches from 14 to 21 if I'm not wrong.
- You can try haggling

Personally I don't like Chatuchak *that* much. The mere thought of the mess and tedious layout already wears me out, but they do have good buys!
For guys, your best bet would be Union Mall and Chatuchak. Platinum Mall has virtually nothing for men.
19 comments on "Bangkok Haul Video"
  1. You finally got video working with your upgraded version of iMovie! :) My Mac is probably about the same age as yours too, if not slightly older...

  2. Anonymous4:20 PM

    can you pls invest in one of those youtube celebs HD cams? your advertisements money spend where one ah?

  3. is that how you usually talk? you just sound bored .. . .. . #justsaying

  4. Anonymous: You stupid or what? Why would I buy a special camera when I have no intention to record vids? I only have 3 VIDEOS.

    A: Don't like don't watch #justsaying.

    And frankly I would have been a lot less bothered if you DIDN'T include the #justsaying. I'm not out to be some vlogger or YouTube star.

    I don't like it when people use things like #justsaying because they act like it justifies or pardons whatever they say before that.

    It's like bitter, nasty insults preceded with a "hope you don't get offended" -_- right...

    If you're "just" saying it, thereby implying your comment is not really worth much value, then... why say it at all?

  5. Anonymous8:27 PM

    ur eyes look tired

  6. Anonymous: Haha yah I used my ring light to provide brighter lighting so it amplified my eyebags x100.

    I did edit the vid at first to make it more exposed so the eyebags are less obvious, but I thought it looked weird/too white so I left it as normal.

  7. You look a little ill! My sister has those Gap underwear and she's 9. I love the the studded straps!

  8. Anonymous10:13 PM

    ok i saw your angry comment back at A. i dont think A meant to be rude or whatever la he sounds polite but you really do look grumpy coz you dun smile in your videos. but when u type you seem more chirpy? ITS TRUE. you talk in the matter-of-fact kinda voice hahaha. cannot find a better adjective.

  9. Xynn-eigh: Haha are hers real GAP? Mine are clearly rejects or fakes lol. But comfy! And they must have been for obese kids hahaha like srsly they would fall off a 9-year-old.

    Anonymous: I don't think it's very nice to even tell someone she looks or sounds bored! I mean I'm not a vlogger or Youtuber or whatever, and this is not a clicknetwork episode.

    Anyway, fine, if you wna make comments (a CONSTRUCTIVE one would be to recommend that I smile more, even if it feels weird - which it does because I'm totally smiling at my own face-), at least do it nicely.

    I feel that yours is more thought-out at least? Plus I found greatest annoyance with the #justsaying.

  10. Anonymous8:23 AM

    is your accent french?

  11. Anonymous3:35 PM

    Hi all your haul where from the above 3 places?

  12. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I like when you do videos, it would be cool if you pop in a few more videos in your blog time to time, inplace of photos....

    specifically i like videos, becuase its interesting to shows your personality ..... like makes you more real...then just photos and words...

    oh and i like your accent, becuase i dont live in singapore, so its cool to hear a different accent.

    xx J

  13. Anonymous4:54 AM

    You're so pretty!! :)

  14. Hey Sophie!

    Some people are so hard to please, really. When you don't blog, people bug you to update. When your pictures have broken links or whatever, they comment about it. When you do a vlog to avoid broken links and pictures from happening, they complain about your looks, voice, background and MORE stuff -_-

    AND even when you PAID 15USD for a newer version of iMovie just to IMPROVE the quality of the video, they still comment! LIKE WHAT THE F**KING PROBLEM SERIOUSLY.

    Honestly, I just feel that your efforts are not appreciated. It is not a must for you to do a vlog, neither must you pay the 15USD to purchase the newer version of iMovie. But you DID it just for your readers and hoping that the video would turn out better but all these people here cannot stop complaining!

    IMO, you're a good blogger, Sophie! You update your blog on regular basis and always sharing all your buys! Continue blogging and rock on!

  15. Oh yours aren't real?! Yeah hers are real haha :)

  16. Anonymous: I don't have accent leh!

    Anonymous: Yep! Those 3 places will be enough to blow your bank account haha.

    J: Thanks! I will try to do more vids and improve the video quality (:

    Anonymous: Thanks you!

    Mel: Gosh you're so sweet! You give me way too much credit, but I really appreciate your long comment! Thank you so much (':

    Xynn-eigh: Haha I got them from Chatuchak! Can't be real lol.

  17. you have very nice blended accent:)

    :)smile more! but i guess u are just a very cool kind of gal eh?

    keep on rockin'


  18. Michelle11:13 AM

    I enjoyed the vid, makes me feel like it aint just all words but the vid makes it more personalised. :)

  19. Anonymous1:24 PM

    hi sophie! asking for an opinion, which color of this bag do you prefer/think is nicer: & ? thanks! :)