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Tuesday, August 30, 2011
Thought I should get round to posting this up before the month of August ends haha.

So anyway my blog and I were in the August issue of Seventeen magazine (: I'm also in the September issue but I'll post that another time (and I dislike the picture lol).

Some readers thought this was funny because of the "Will"-owy -_- hahahaha.

Ok anyway I think wide-legged jeans aren't that nice...


I'm not a fashion blogger of course, and I mentioned this many times to the Seventeen correspondents, especially when questions like "favourite fashion icons?" or "fashion inspiration" came up!

But anyway this issue was in the month of our National Day so that's why they wanted to feature some local blogs (:


Didn't really know what to answer to the questions because I'm not a niche blogger (e.g. photography, fashion, food...) so there's really no actual "reason" why anyone should visit my blog hahaha.

And I mean I never started a blog wanting to "share my passion for fashion" (ooh it rhymes) or something to that extent.

My first blog was way back in 2005 ( is not my first URL... was *hides face*) and that was simply because it was fun and everyone had one!

We'd go round commenting on each others' tagboards, having "clique" blogskins...
My blogskin themes then (self-designed) ranged from Barbie dolls to giraffes and fruits -_-"
Yeah the fruit one was a "clique" skin hahaha. Meaning everyone in my group had fruits for their blogskins.

Kind of weird that my blog is still around now. It's a whopping 5 years + later!
2 comments on "Seventeen Magazine"
  1. I love reading your blog because it's really fun to read. I like how it's not a niche blog and reading your commentaries. That's so cool you're featured on Seventeen! :)

  2. Johanna: Thank you (: that's so nice!