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Shopping time!

Friday, August 26, 2011
Hello! My upcoming weekend is pretty packed ):

Today Alaric and I are gonna be doing runway (hahaha) at Zouk for this charity event called Model for Hope - Wear Your Heart Out.

And tomorrow I'm having a booth at a flea with Qiuting! :D Details below.

Got my ring bulb replaced for $80 ): So expensive (a whole set is $160-$220 maybe?) Plus the shopkeeper said by right they last AGES, and that they've never sold the bulb alone before. I don't know why mine spoilt suddenly ):

A special night flea market! :D

Friday: 6pm to 12am
Saturday: 2pm to 12am

It will be located at the Singapore Art Museum; the nearest MRT would be Circle Line's Bras Basah (like very near) but Cityhall is within walking distance too (:

It's in conjunction with the Night Festival 2011, so there'll be light installations and art exhibits as well!

I will only be there on SATURDAY, do drop by! ♥

Took some photos while packing:

Haha recognise the dress I wore for one of my birthday dinners (2nd from right)?

Anyway I won't be there from 2pm because 10hours of flea-ing is quite insane to me hahaha, I don't think I'd have enough to sell!

And after all, it is an evening/night flea! :D So I'll probably go down at maybe 5pm? Your best bet would be to come around late evening or after dinner.

But anyway if you're there early, there should be lots of stalls to check out anyway! (And I bet Qiuting will definitely be spoiling the market for me by selling her stuff at dirt cheap prices lol).
So see you if I see you! (:
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